Vintage Brooch with Buds

Helen Gibb 2002-2004

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This is a small brooch made in the vintage style of the 1920's featuring the flat rose, blossoms and dangling buds.

You Will Need:

  • 5" of fringed pale green jacquard ribbon
  • 28" of 5/8" wide pale pink single (or double) faced silk satin ribbon
  • 9" of 3/8" wide pink/peach ombre ribbon
  • 3" of 3/8" wide blue green double faced silk satin ribbon
  • 6 3/4" of 1/4" wide pale green gold edge ruffled ribbon
  • 9" of pale green gimp or fancy thread
  • 10 green stamens
  • 4 gold stamens
  • 5 pink stamen buds
  • 20 crystal seed beads
  • 2" x 5" piece of crinoline
  • 2" x 2 1/2" piece of felt or ultrasuede
  • pin back


  1. Cut a 1 1/4" circle from the edge of the crinoline piece, and set it aside for the flat rose construction.  
  2. Turn under 1/8", the raw edges of the fringed jacquard ribbon. Stitch very small running stitches along the bottom edge of the ribbon so it gathers into a half circle arch. Position this near the top center of the crinoline (the fringing will barely hang over the top edge of the crinoline). With very small stitches sew the bottom edge of the ribbon in an arch, and sew down the top edge every 1/4" or so adding crystal seed beads as you go. Set aside until the flowers are made.  
  1. Make one vintage flat rose using 22" of the 5/8" wide pink single faced silk satin ribbon and the flat rose technique diagram 1. Start this rose by tacking the knot to the center of a 1 1/4" circle of crinoline. Turn the long end of the ribbon clockwise 90 degrees. Tack the corners of the fold that appears. Repeat the 90 degree turns and tacking until all the ribbon is used. Fold the end under the crinoline and secure. 
Bud diagram
  1. Make three vintage flat buds using the 5/8" wide pink single faced satin ribbon referring to diagram 2. Fold the ribbon as shown, insert the gimp stem between the layers of ribbon and gather across the bottom edge. Secure stitching tightly. Each bud uses 2" of ribbon and 3" of gimp for each stem. Use 1" of 3/8" wide blue green satin to cover the raw edges on the buds. Center the green ribbon over the raw end of the stemmed bud, and fold it around to the back. Tack where the ribbon overlaps in the back. With very neat, tiny stitches sew the top edge of the calyx to the bud and gather the bottom edge around the stem. 
Blossom diagram
  1. Make two blossoms using the pink/peach ombre ribbon and the 4-petal u-gather stitch pattern, diagram 3. Stitch the pattern shown and gather tightly so a circle forms. Each blossom uses 4 1/2" of ribbon, and a mix of 2 green/yellow stamens and 5 gold stamens for the center. Fold the stamens in half and tie together with thread. Insert into the blossom center and secure with stitches. 

  1. Make three curved leaves using 2 1/4" of the pale green, gold edge ribbon and the curved leaf technique diagram 4. Fold the ribbon in half and stitch in a curved shape through both layers of ribbon. Open the leaf and secure stitching. 

Completing the compsition.

  1. To complete the composition, sew the unbent pink stamen buds at a slight angle near the arched fringed jacquard ribbon. Sew on the leaves, the large flat rose (be sure the bottom of the arched ribbon is covered) and tuck the blossom stems under the rose. 
  2. Cut away the excess crinoline. Sew a pin back to the felt or ultrasuede backing and glue that to the back of the crinoline. Trim away the excess backing. 

Helen Gibb, Author Helen was born in Sydney, Australia, and now lives in the United States of America. "Growing up in Australia during the 1950's and 1960's, I wasn't particularly interested in sewing or embroidery", says Helen. "The only sewing project I finished in primary school was a shower cap and an apron!"

Helen's ribbonwork journey started in the late 1990's with the purchase of an Edwardian driving hat, and later, a black mourning bonnet complete with black ribbon embellishments. An antique book on old millinery techniques was also purchased and in the back of that book were some simplified instructions on how to make a ribbon rose. Since then, Helen has acquired several old books about ribbonwork and some lovely samples of vintage ribbon flowers and items from the 1920's, many of which are shown on the pages of this book.

With a vast store of self taught ribbon techniques and access to ribbons from France, Japan and Germany, Helen's talents in ribbonwork are evident throughout the pages of this book and her other two ribbon books - The Secrets of Fashioning Ribbon Flowers, and Heirloom Ribbonwork, and a video titled Ribbonwork Flowers.

Helen's ribbonwork has been showcased in numerous magazines, including Better Homes and Gardens, and Doll Costuming in the USA, and Embroidery and Cross Stitch magazine in Australia. In addition, Helen is a regular guest on HGTV's - The Carol Duvall Show, and she appears on PBS's Creative Living, and on network TV news programs in Denver.

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Visit Helen's web site - for autographed copies of her books, ribbonwork supplies, and the Vintage Rose with Buds Brooch Kit.
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