Victorian Cone

Pat Winter 2004

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If you are like me and love to present a gift in something useful, then you will enjoy making and giving these Victorian Cones.  They are a gift inside a gift.  You can hang them on a Christmas tree filled with candy for children, or a special jewelry gift for friends and family.  I like to make them in pastel fabrics and place one at each setting at a tea.  I fill them with assorted tea related goodies, including a bit of chocolate, of course.  These cones can be filled with fresh flowers and hung on neighbors doors on "May Day", the first day of May.  There are endless uses for these very simple gifts.  If you do not crazy quilt, you may just use one beautiful fabric and glue or stitch on beads, button, charms, and lace for a charming presentation.  I am sure you will find a use for them and create several to have on hand for some lucky recipient. 

Supplies to gather:

  • Print copy of pattern provided ( 5 1/2" length of sides)
  • 7" square of muslin or scrap fabric if foundation piecing
  • 7" square of heavy interfacing
  • 7" square of lining fabric with wonder under ironed onto back
  • 6" matching cording to hang cone
  • 4" beaded fringe


Trace pattern onto muslin and cut out. Start piecing using your favorite pattern, or use the fan as shown in example #2 

Embellish using decorative stitches, lace, beads, fancy trims, of your choice. 

Iron a piece of interfacing to the back of the embellished piece to give it body. Iron a piece of fusible web to the back of your lining satin. Then iron the prepared lining to the interfacing side of your embellished piece. 

Wrap to form a cone with a closed point at bottom. Glue or stitch closed. Cover this seam, inside and out of cone with decorative trim or lace. Sew or glue decorative trim around top to conceal raw edges.  

Sew a cord to each side of cone near top to form a hanger. Stitch or glue beaded trim to end of cone. Then fill with special items to suit the occasion. 

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