Ribbon Amulet in Under an Hour

Pat Winter 2004

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Need a quick gift or accessory for this afternoon? Using a decorative ribbon you can make a necklace like the kits you see in the stores.  You can adjust the length you want it to be by using more or less ribbon.  These amulets can be used to carry a pen if you use the narrow ribbons, or a credit card or cash by using the wider ribbons.  With minimal sewing, you will have this project complete within an hour.

Supplies to Gather:

  • 20 of 2 wired ribbon
  • 6 beaded trim
  • 3 square lace scrap
  • assorted premade flowers, beads, decorative button
  • cord for desired neck length
 Fold ribbon in half and crease.

(fig 1)

Unfold and fold ends to center, crease.  

(fig 2)

Fold again in half. 

(fig 3)

Lay your lace scrap across ribbon on an angle and tack down. 

(fig 4)

Sew or glue on premade satin flowers, beads, and button in a pleasing arrangement. Sew sides together. Sew or glue on fringe and neck cord.  

(fig 5) 

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