A Look Organized Expressions™ for Needleworkers

Rissa Peace Root © 2004

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Organized Expressions™ for Needleworkers Personal Inventory and Journal Software by LNS Software Solutions is a wonderful tool for organizing your threads, beads, books and magazines.  It is a windows based database program with an extensive thread dictionary, conversions, and preloaded lists of hundreds of types of threads, ribbons and threads from over twenty five companies. And most important to many of you, it is easy to use!

I stumbled onto this database tool several years ago and have recently upgraded for a second time to the latest version.  I originally purchased it to keep a running inventory of all of my DMC threads.  Then I added all of my YLI, Needle Necessities, Caron, Appleton, Elsa Williams, Anchor, Kreinik, Paternayan and most of my Edmar threads. I also created custom files for some of my hand-dyed threads and ribbons from smaller companies.

The hardest part of using the software is taking the time to enter your data in the first place.  The actual data entry is pretty easy, because of the large number of preloaded items and drop-down boxes.  Just select "Threads & Inventory", then choose the manufacturer and product. A numbered list of the colors will appear. Double click on the item you want to edit. It sounds complicated, but it only takes a few entries to master the software.

Screen Shot of Needle Necessities Over-Dyed Floss Inventory

The real question is, why use Organized Expressions™? Well there are many good reasons, not the least of which is having documentary evidence for your insurance company in case of the unthinkable.  The software is inexpensive and can potentially save you money by preventing duplicate purchases.  It is also a great place to keep track of all the classes you have taken and projects you have completed.  You can even scan in pictures of projects, book covers or kits and add it to your records.  All of this really does make is easier to track what you have on hand and to create lists for what you need to purchase.

Although I have used Organized Expressions™ for years, I have spent quite a bit of time updating my inventory during my move.  I did find a few things that I had failed to update while my home computer was out of commission.  I have a large number of threads and ribbons left to enter, but so far I have discovered at least two duplicate books that I purchased this summer.  It was a great motivating experience, I  will be more diligent in keeping my records current.

Screen Shot of Charts/Books/Magazines Inventory

In the past, I would print out a list of my magazines, books and threads to take with me when I went shopping or traveled.  It was an excellent way to know what to buy and what I already had on hand.  With the newer versions of Organized Expressions™ for Needleworkers (3.5 and higher), you can export your data to Word or Excel, so that you can either print them or store the files to your PDA.  That one feature was the primary reason I upgraded.  I am now able to send a copy of my book and thread inventories to my Pocket PC, so that I always have it with me.  Now I never make a trip to the needlework shop without looking at what I already have first.

Organized Expressions™ for Needleworkers is widely available on line and they offer great support.  Laura has been very helpful to me every time I had a question about an upgrade or a feature.   You can learn more about the software from their website: 


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