Seam Treatments for October

Rissa Peace Root 2004

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When I looked at the dozen or so blocks I have made in the last few months, I discovered I had been in a seam treatment rut.  I was using basic stitches, instead of combinations of stitches and relying heavily on featherstitching. 

Since I charted some of these seam treatments I was trying, I thought I would share them with our readers.  Many of the ones I created are pretty standard floral patterns, but my favorite one is a a combination of the Tte de Boeuf and Sheath Stitch, which I created for a special block.  I really liked the symbolism of mixing a stitch that looked like a bull or steer's head with one that looks like a tied sheath of wheat. 

Also included this month is a floral pattern.  This design utilizes Detached Chain Stitches, with French Knot centers to create flowers and Fly Stitches as the greenery.

If you need any help with creating the individual stitches and do not have an embroidery reference book handy, you can visit my personal online stitch dictionary at for further instructions on the individual stitches used.

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