CQ Victorian Box Another Approach!

Stephanie Novatski 2004

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I was asked by Julia to proof her article and just loved the box she created--so beautiful, rich and elegant--that I wanted to try one too. I was limited for time, so thought I would try a different approach--to do as much of the piecing and embellishments as possible by machine.

I also had been collecting beads, fibers, and fabrics for an underwater themed item and thought this would be a good opportunity to use some of them. I followed Julia's instructions for the construction of the box--including using cardboard between the layers. However, I think if a heavy interfacing or stabilizer were used, the sides could be sewed together by machine using a decorative edging stitch. Anyone out there willing to give this a try and share the results?

On the whole, this was a fun project to do and I can see more of these in my future. Thanks Julia for sharing this with us and our readership.

All Materials listed in the CQ Victorian Box article including Fabric glue, charms and shells.

  Here is a picture of one of the sides stitched and embellished.
Deviation: Piecing the fabric. A slight variation on Julia's instructions--I drew the sides on the muslin then pieced over the outline by about 1/2". I added decorative stitching over the seams as well as some decorative fibers and trims as I went along. Once you have completed piecing the side, turn the piece over and baste over the outline of the piece so you know where to end your embellishments.  
Here are my finished sides 1 and 2. I constructed the insides and attached front to back per Julia's instructions. These sides also include beads and shells which were either sewed on or glued in place. All seam stitching, fibers, and trims were attached by machine. 

Sides 3 and 4 and Side 5 
Completed box top. The shells, fish, and lighthouse as well as the fuzzy fiber and trim along the edge are glued on using fabric glue.  
Completed Box top inside  

View of the finished box back and the front  
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