Tissue Holder

Nora Creeach 2004

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  • Foundation fabric 6" X 16"
  • Scraps to crazy patch a 6 1/2" X 7 1/2" area
  • 2 pieces of lace or trim 6 1/2" long
  • Needle and thread to math or sewing machine


Measure your package of tissue and adjust the size of the foundation fabric to fit. With the measurements given my finished tissue holder is 3 1/2" X5 1/4". My trim was 2" wide so on one side it is folded to the back and the opening is slightly off center.

Fold the foundation fabric in half to mark the center. Measure from the fold 3" on each side and mark. This will give you a 6" square (blue area) in the center of the foundation fabric.

Crazy piece this 6" square. Trim all 4 sides forming a smooth square. Place the lace/trim (green band) on top of each end of the pieced area. You may pin to hold the lace/trim in place.

My trim has finished scallops on both sides so I hand stitched it along one side leaving the other edge loose, depending on the trim you use you may place a raw edge toward the end, stitch in place and fold to cover the raw edge of the trim/lace .

Stitch 1/4" from the edge (gray dotted line) of the pieced square catching the ends of the lace/trim. Trim the lace even with the edge of the foundation fabric.

Fold 1/4"along one end of the foundation fabric to the wrong side. Finger press or iron to make a crisp fold. (folds are red in the diagram) Bring the folded end to the center of the pieced area. The raw edge will be on top. Fold the other end up over lapping the folded edge.

Stitch along both sides about 3/8" from the edge being sure to stitch inside the stitched line. Turn and whip stitch the opening closed.

Fold the 2 lace/trim edges to meet in the center. Ladder Stitch** both edges. Add a package of tissue. Optional: you can add SRE, charms or other embellishment to each end of the opening if you wish.

Ladder Stitch:
Use a double thread, knot the thread and enter the fabric on one side of the area to be closed, bring the thread straight across to the other side of the opening take a stitch, go straight across to the first fabric and take a stitch. (See diagram) This stitch can be left loose and pulled tight when you reach the end of the seam. Pulling the thread up will close the opening with no stitches showing.

Hint: Knotting each end of the thread helps prevent tangles.

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