Pennsylvania National Quilt Extravaganza
September 15-18, 2004
Fort Washington, Pennsylvania

Stephanie Novatski & Kimber Pekora © 2004

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Editorís Note: CQMagOnline hopes to provide accounts of various quilt shows. For the Pennsylvania National Quilt Extravaganza 2004 in Fort Washington, Pennsylvania, we are providing reports from two of the magazine staff: Stephanie Novatski and Kimber Pekora. They have taken two different approaches to this particular quilt show which we think will be of interest to our readers. If you plan to attend a quilt show and would like to report on your experience, contact us prior to the show so we can properly plan for an account of your adventures. As you will see, there is so much to do at a quilt show that two (or more) people can attend and see quite different things. This makes the experience all the more fun.

Show Observations by Stephanie Novatski

Setting up an Exhibit:

I was fortunate to have been involved in the creation of a bra for the Way to Women's Wellness (WTWW) fund raising Calendar (Miss August). I also created a few (4) for the exhibits traveling to various quilt shows and other venues across the country. Since I am in close proximity to this show, I volunteered (read begged) to set up the exhibit for the show. I had the opportunity to do this once before and it is very exciting to watch the show come together and be there when all the preliminary activities are taking place--not to mention previewing all the quilts, exhibits, and vendor booths!

Once the show opened, I also spent time at the display watching the reactions and discussing the exhibit with the visitors. It is interesting to see how many women are touched by the bras and the cause they are associated with. There were lots of ohs and ahs and laughs and sighs for those who would have enjoyed the show but could not be present. Each bra had a story provided by the designer that spurred discussion. It was very rewarding to experience the conversations and observations the bras engendered. It was also gratifying to see the number of people who purchased calendars in support of the effort. If possible, I highly recommend visiting the exhibit if it is near you. If not, purchase a calendar! For a list of upcoming exhibits, to purchase a calendar or other WTWW merchandise or just to preview the Bras, please visit 

This show features quilts from all over the world and entries from the Hoffman Challenge. It is always interesting to see how other artists use fabric to tell a story. Many of the quilts used non-traditional fabrics such as lames and LOTS of embellishments from hankies to compact discs (cdís). I was also struck by the high number of art and non-traditional quilts submitted both nationally and internationally. Since this is a juried show, it is hard to say if this was due to the quilts submitted or the jury process.

A quilt show is also a great place to shop for those hard to find items--though don't expect any bargains! It is also a wonderful opportunity to meet online friends! I met another CQMagOnline staff member, Kimber Pekora and got to see in person many of her beautiful pieces. Nothing like seeing something up close and personal!

Unfortunately I was not able to see all the quilts or to visit all the vendors. Kimber was able to make more progress than I did.

Show Observations by Kimber Pekora


One of the fun things about a quilt show is visiting all the vendors. Several of these vendors cater to the crazy quilter. At the booths you can find fancy fabrics, silk ribbon, threads of all kinds and colors, beads, charms, buttons, shisha mirrors, lace, beautiful fabric transfers, beaded motifs, books, magazines, patterns and kits and so much more. Many of the vendors display quilts and samples of the kits in their booths.. Wonderful Eye candy to inspire you. A number of the vendors are also well-known teachers who can help with questions. I look forward to visiting some of the same booths at different quilt shows throughout the year. Itís nice to pick up a particular thread or embellishment or to say ďhelloĒ to another crazy quilter. Having so many different vendors at the quilt show provides something for everyone.

The highlight of the show was meeting Stephanie Novatski and seeing her gorgeous creations! Being able to see work first hand adds great appreciation for the talent of the stitcher. The display of the bras for the WTWW was amazing. They are so creative! A person could spend hours just looking at all the neat ideas used.

I think the layout of this quilt show, as well as the display of the gorgeous quilts, makes this my favorite show to attend. I hope to see you there next year!

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