Neck Roll Pillow

Nora Creeach 2004

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I wish to thank the ladies from the original CQMag staff RR based on "Motifs for Crazy Quilting: Techniques for Embroidering and Embellishing Crazy Quilts" by J. Marsha Michler that stitched on my block.


  • 12" embellished block

  • 25" Fancy ribbon 2" wide (embroidered with pink roses)

  • 25" gathered eyelet 2 1/2" wide (white)

  • 25" satin woven edged ribbon 3/4" wide (yellow)

  • 17" cord, twill tape or 1/4" ribbon (will not be seen)

  • 1 yard satin woven edged ribbon 1/2" wide (green)

  • Sewing machine

  • Hand sewing needle and thread to match

  • Poly Fill or batting


Cut each of the ribbons and the lace in half (do not include the 17"piece). Decide which will be the sides of your embellished block (it will be sewn into a tube so mark the 2 sides with a pin.

Place the embellished block right side up and pin one piece of the 2" wide ribbon on each side marked and stitch in place. Place the eyelet lace under the edge of the 2" wide ribbon, stitch in place. Since the ribbon is finished on both sides you will be sewing it on top of the block and lace.

Fold the block in half right sides together with the added ribbon and lace on each end. Stitch along the raw edge forming a tube with the ribbon and lace at each end.

Fold each piece the 3/4" wide ribbon in half to form a loop. Stitch the raw ends of one loop to the end of the 17" cord/ribbon. Repeat with the second piece of ribbon sewing to the opposite end of the cord/ribbon.

Place this through the block tube allowing a loop to extend out of each end. Run a gathering stitch along the edge of the ribbon catching the lace and ribbon loop, pull tight and tie.

Stuff around the cord/ribbon, fill until comfortably firm. Gather the second end and tie off.

Place the 1/2" ribbon around the gathers and tie in a bow. Stitch through the bow and ribbon in seveal places to anchor the ribbon and bow in place. Repeat on the other end.

Optional: You can add a circle of fabric, inside the gathers, to each end if the stuffing is not completely covered.

Option 2: For a man you can make the pillow out of a piece of denim 12" X 16" and a circle 6" in diameter.

Changes in instruction are as follows:
Sew denim right sides together along the 16" side leaving an opening about 4" in the center to turn. This forms your tube.

Pin the circles wrong side to the wrong side of the tube using a 1/2" seam allowance. The raw edges will be on the right side of the pillow. Stitch around each circle twice.

Stuff and whip or ladder stitch the opening closed.

Clip the seam allowance around the circle about every 1/4" almost to the stitch line. Ravel the seam allowance leaving a fringe of the raveled denim.

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