Travel Lavender Sachet

Stephanie Novatski 2004

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Here is a use for those mint tins we seem to have in abundance, a portable sachet to make a hotel stay more pleasant. This would also make a wonderful travel sewing kit instead of the lavender, put a small sewing kit inside. The kits are available from many dollar stores. I have also gotten free ones from motels in my travels.

Materials needed:

  • Small Tin
  • foundation fabric
  • fabric for patches
  • embellishments
  • cardboard
  • thin batting
  • fabric glue or glue gun
  • beaded trim
  • lace and tulle for sachet pillow
  • lavender


  Step 1: Trace the BOTTOM of the tin onto your foundation fabric and also a piece of cardboard. Trim 1/4" off all sides of the cardboard. Cut a piece of thin batting the same size as the trimmed cardboard and adhere the two together. 
Step 2: Paint the sides and top side and about 1/2" inside the top with paint in the color of your choice. I used a Paint pen in Metallic gold for this. If you start with a tin close in color to your paint, it will cover better. 
Step 3: Piece and embellish the base fabric for the tin top. If this is to be carried in a purse, I recommend keeping the embellishments as flat as possible. Trim the finished top 3/4" past the traced marking.  
Step 4: With doubled thread, stitch by hand a row of running stitches 1/4" from edge of trimmed top all around. Place cardboard batting side to wrong side of top and pull the thread to gather the edges around the cardboard. Pull as tight as possible without distorting the cardboard and tie off. Using Fabric glue or a glue gun, glue edges of fabric to cardboard so they lay as flat as possible.
Step 5: Using a glue gun, glue top to top of tin, centering the piece. Please note--the embellished top WILL NOT come to the edges of the tin top. Run a thin bead of glue along edge of stitched piece and glue strung beads or other trim. Your tin is now complete. You can insert a sewing kit or make a sachet pillow to fit inside.  

Step 6: Cut a piece of lace 1/2" all around larger than your tin. Cut a piece of tulle the same size as the lace. Treating the lace and tulle as one fabric, sew three sides and fill with lavender. Sew closed last side. Place in tin.  
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