CQ Envelope Purse

Stephanie Novatski 2004

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Ever wonder what to do with those odd blocks you have laying around? I have a few blocks from various Round Robins I have been in I would like to use but didn't want any more pillows or wall hangings. I came up with the idea of making them into small purses that can hold a Sachet, lingerie when traveling, or just tissues hanging from my bedpost. This works best with a square block--the larger the block the larger the purse. All the embellishments are visible and if your block has a center motif--that's even better!

Materials Needed:

  • 1 completed square block
  • a piece of coordinating fabric
  • fabric for lining
  • lace or trim
  • a button, snap or Velcro (optional)
  • ribbon (optional)

Special thanks to the wonderful stitchers in the Spring Flower Round Robin for working on my beautiful block.


Step 1: Mark a square on the wrong side of the block. Mark the centers of each side. My finished block allowed for a 9 1/2" square which was the same size as my ruler. I marked my block in green so the markings would show up, however, I recommend you a product made for this purpose that is non-permanent.  

Step 2: Fold the corners in toward the center and pin. Turn the block over and determine which side will be the top. Mark this side with a pin.  
Step 3: Carefully turn block over. Grab two of the unmarked sides and pin them together from the corner to the center. Sew. Bring remaining unmarked corner and pin matching all corners. Sew . You should now have an envelope missing the top triangle. Trim and lightly press open the seams from the wrong side. Turn the envelope and lightly press using a press cloth. Place on table sewn side up and measure the bottom triangle.  
Step 4: Mark this triangle on a piece of coordinating fabric. Cut out 1/2" larger all around than the bottom triangle for seam allowance. This will be your filler piece. Make sure your long side is on the straight grain of the fabric. Sew the short sides, matching the points and stoping your stitching there.  
Step 5: Trim all seams and press lightly as before. You are now ready to cut your lining. Measure the width of the purse. Cut a piece of lining fabric this wide plus 1" and 3x the width long plus 1". Fold up 1/3 and sew up the sides to within 1/2" of shorter edge. You have now made a pocket. Slide the block inside the pocket so wrong sides are together. Trim off any excess fabric from the top.
Step 6: Starting an stopping at the previous stitching, sew together the lining an block around the top flap on line marked in step 1. Starting and stopping at previous stitching, sew the inside purse edge (lining to filler piece) leaving a 3-4" opening. You will be turning the purse through this opening. Trim seam allowances and point.
Step 7:Turn purse through opening. Carefully press edges from wrong side. Turn in seam allowance at opening and stitch closed by hand or machine. 
Step 8: Add lace or trim around flap. Fold flap down to cover filler piece and lightly press top edge. sew on button, snap, or Velcro to close. Add ribbon strap if desired. 

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