CQ Shoulder Protector

Stephanie Novatski © 2004

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My mother loves to hang her clothes on beautiful padded hangers. She keeps them in short cleaner bags to keep the dust off the shoulders. This inspired me to make her some Shoulder Protectors which are much prettier! This one is done completely by machine, including the embroidered initial, but the design can be adapted to hand piecing and stitching or none at all!

Materials needed:

  • Hanger, paper
  • Foundation fabric
  • Fabric and trims for patchwork and embellishment
  • Fabric for backing and lining
  • Trim


Step 1: Make a pattern from your hanger. I used a padded hanger, but any hanger will work. Place center of hanger on edge of paper. Trace top of hanger. Make sure bottom of paper is at least 1 1/2" below edge of hanger. Create pattern from this mark as shown in the second photo. Make sewing line following tracing but extending out from edge by 1 1/4". The edge of the paper is the center of the Protector and will be placed 1" from the fold of the fabric. By adding this extra sizing, we will be allowing for the clothes that will be on the hanger. Adding these measurements will make a Protector large enough to fit over a padded shoulder tailored blazer.

Step 2: Cut out foundation fabric. Fold a piece of fabric twice the width of the pattern in half. Place the edge of the pattern as indicated 1" from the fold. Trace the pattern on the fabric. Cut out at least 1" from pattern edge. This will allow for any shrinkage that may occur from piecing and embellishing. Patch Protector front. I did this by machine and added embellishments on the seams as I went along. I used ribbon, braids, lace and assorted trims.

Step 3: Fold pieced fabric in half and refit pattern. Make adjustments in markings as necessary and trim allowing 1/2" seam allowance.

Step 4: Take trimmed Protector and use it as a pattern to cut out 2 lining pieces and one backing piece. I used Moiré taffeta for the backing piece and a cotton batiste for the lining.

Step 5: Sew wrong sides together, pieced front and back. Place pin in center of top and measure 1" on both sides and mark. Sew seam from the second set of pins along hanger edge leaving opening in center top. Leave bottom open. Repeat with lining fabric, but leave center opening of about 5". You will be turning the protector through this opening. Trim seam allowances to about 3/8". Press seams open.

Step 6: Sew open seam allowances on Protector around center opening. Reinforce at edge opening.

Step 7: Place lining inside Protector matching side seams. Sew all round bottom edge. Turn through opening in lining. Press bottom edge.

Step 8: Pin seams together starting at bottom edge. Stitch in the ditch from the right side in the seam for about 4" from bottom edge. This will add stability and keep the lining from shifting.

Step 9: Hand stitch opening in lining closed, leaving opening to match right side. Matching stitch over original stitching, making sure opening in Protector matches opening in lining. Add lace or other trim to bottom. You are done!

Hints and Observations:

  • I made mine out of washable and pre-washed fabrics and trims.
  • Total time to make: 45 minutes
  • Make the length longer if preferred.
  • Use any hanger of your choice but make sure to allow enough ease to fit the garment the hanger will be used for.
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