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In the April Issue, (see archives) Carol Lindenburg showed us her version of the Hussif and Pursiff she made from Julie Craig of Attic Heirlooms design. I am honored to keep company with a talented group of Hussies who decided to do their version of the design. We took the name Purssif for the purse.

This group of women (which includes Carol) is proud to be called Hussies and we are delighted to show their work here.

As you will see, each Hussy gave her own unique and, beautiful spin to the pattern.

Barbara Blankenship

I chose a copper color in silk Dupioni to make my Hussif and purse with. After choosing the lace motifs I wanted to use, I hand-dyed these and my silk ribbons to match. Of all the things I have made, this Hussif is my absolute favorite. It is so compact and includes all the sewing notions I normally use and all in one place. The crocheted thimble holder, crocheted miser purse, scissor fob butterfly, and velvet strawberry needle sharpener were special gifts from dear friends. These make my Hussif so special and certainly a treasured possession.  


Gwen Frazier

For my Hussif and purse I chose to use my favorite color - purple! I used a dark purple Dupioni silk called Grape. The Kitty print on the front is printed on silk and over-embellished. I used Caron Wildflowers thread for all my edge stitching. All of the lace pieces were hand dyed by myself and I used Ribbonsmyth Rainbow Dyes and OzeCraft dyes. The button enclosure on the purse is a glass antique button and the wooden spools are vintage and were given to me by a dear friend, Barbara Engles. The thimble holder in the Hussif was made by Julia Camilleri and the heart emery sharpener by Barbara Blankenship. 


Jean Bowman

Jean Bowman made this purse for Rissa Peace Root using Dark Olive Dupioni. The pocket was crazy patched using the same fabric but varying the direction of the patches to obtain a slight shading of color. It is embellished with Rissa's name embroidered by Kimber Pekora. The butterfly button is by Susan Clark. Also included is the lady silk print that is padded then surrounded by hand-dyed trim. The fan is made from tea dyed lace and Sweetheart roses of 7mm ribbon from Vikki Clayton. On the side is a BDE cast-on flower, Frilly Rose, made with Edmar threads. The Sweetheart Roses fill a basket crocheted by Gwen Frazier. Hand-dyed Hummingbird and bow, along with a button cluster, complete the purse pocket decorations. 


Julia Camilleri

Here are the pictures of my Victorian bag and Hussif, also a little Hussif I made for my friend Lois for her birthday. My bag is in Olive Green and Old Gold Dupioni silk CQ with hand dyed lace, beads and SRE. My Hussif is made up in a pin tucked fabric that I had with dyed laces SRE and beaded. I made the little strawberry and crochet the thimble pouch. 


Kimber Pekora

I chose Dupioni that I had bought from ,in a rich blue green color and aquamarine. My trims are mostly from and others were from swapping with friends. I decided to dye them with OzeCraft dyes from with colors, Persian Gold and Golden Ash. I also beaded my motifs, using Topaz, Gold and Crystal Seed beads. There are some Clear AB sequins on it. I used Silk Floss and Silk Perle threads. I had the Vintage Amber glass Button for some time and thought it looked perfect on it. I am so inspired by the other bags made to try another! 


Mary Engells

The purse is made entirely of silk Dupioni and embellished with hand dyed lace, ribbons, embroidery, SRE, buttons and charms. Vintage wooden spools were used on the handles. My Hussif is made entirely of silk Dupioni and embellished with hand painted lace and ribbons. The close-up with the hummingbird charm is the tape measure holder. 


Pat Winter

For my Hussif I chose grape Dupioni for the outside and gold Dupioni for the inside. I can never follow rules, so naturally my Hussif became altered to suit my needs. I added a silk ribbon book with rings to hold silk ribbons for each project, a bead holder to hold four tubes of beads, because I always use beading in my stitchery, and I added a vintage advertisement pin cushion. I hand dyed my laces and appliqués with gold, plum, and greens. I had just purchased reproduction needlework accessories such as a silver plated thread holder, seam ripper, tape measure, needle case, and thimble which I added. I received several gifts from friends which fit perfectly in my Hussif. Among the gifts were a beautiful crocheted thimble keeper from Julia C, a bone turning tool from Judy R, embroidered bead labels from Kimber P which I used in my needle book, petite embroidery needles from Rissa R, and assorted crocheted pieces such as a fan and small basket which I hand dyed to match. I thoroughly enjoyed this project even though I was slow in starting. It was wonderfully inspiring to wake up each day and see what progress everyone had made. This Hussif is so handy to grab and go knowing all your supplies are right with you. I travel with mine to and from visits to see my son in college, and it will be a part of every trip ahead of me. Now to make the matching purse! 


Stephanie Novatski 

I chose a fabric I found in the Home Decor section of my local fabric store. It is a lovely shade of gray/beige with matching embroidered vines in an overall pattern. I hand dyed all the lace trims and motifs with the exception of the trim around the Victorian Lady. I used Pearls almost exclusively for the embellishments along with metallic finish glass flower and butterfly beads. The floss used through-out was Caron Waterlillies Harvest. The front of the Hussif Has my initial done in SRE on a piece of Dupioni aged with Potassium Permanganate and framed with lace and beads. The pocket on the Purse was made with the same fabric that I tinted various colors using Rit dyes. The buttons and fobs were featured in an article in CQMagOnline July issue. 

Side note: at the end of Carol's Hussif article the Assistant Editor gives the definition of Housewife from the Oxford English Dictionary.  Both Hussif and Hussy are derivatives of the word Housewife, on which that definition was based.

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