Motif Pins

Stephanie Novatski 2004

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Jeweled and sparkling pins are all the rage now--especially unique one-of-a-kind. Why not try your hand at making one or two. They are lovely on a lapel or even used as a scarf clip. Pick a motif from a piece of fabric that appeals to you and following the direction in our beading issue, embellish the motif with beads and SRE if you like. They can also be pinned on a CQ block or pillow!


  • Motif from fabric
  • Fusible web such as Wonder-Under or Stitchwitchery
  • stabilizer or stiff interfacing
  • beads
  • SRE
  • felt
  • pin back
  • fabric glue such as Fabritac


  Step 1: Cut out around your motif leaving at least 1/2" margin. Using the fusible web, fuse the motif to a piece of stabilizer or stiff interfacing.  

Step 2: Embellish with beads and SRE being careful to keep stitching INSIDE edge of motif. Eliminate any small protrusions such as the fan handle and the butterfly bottom wing tips. 
Step 3: Carefully cut away excess fabric around motif being careful NOT to clip any beading threads.  
Step 4: Trace around motif on Felt and cut out shape. Make sure to cut about 1/16" INSIDE the line so there is no felt showing from the right side. Note on the butterfly, the butterfly's body was snipped off the felt to make sure it would not show.  
Step 5: Apply fabric glue to back of motif and attach felt. Allow to dry. Add any additional beading such as picot edge on the fan and dangles at this time. If any the fabric edges show beyond the beading, touch with fabric marker to camouflage.  
Step 6: Add the pin back.


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