Making a Child's Purse

Pat Winter 2004

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Why not share your love of crazy quilting with a child by making a small purse? Recently while standing in line at the grocery store, a little girl (approximately 5 years old) came up to tell me she liked my purse. It was a new Autumn purse had I just completed. She started pointing and asking questions until her mother grabbed her arm and apologized to me. I told her I was not offended but flattered that such a young child would be interested in such a thing. The mother then had to inspect it and took my name for a possible class. 

  That got me to thinking that there must be other little girls that would appreciate CQ and embroidery as well. I think making a small purse as a gift for a little girl in your life would be a wonderful way to perhaps, plant a seed ?  

  The first thing is to make it a nice size. Not too big, not too small. If you do not have time to piece and embellish a block for the purse, why not take a look at all of those 6" and 9" CQ blocks you have stacked in your RR and exchange pile? You know you have at least three or four that could be used for such a project. 

I chose to make one from scratch using a "Little Miss Muffet" silk print. I chose the fabric colors from the print. I started with a 9" by 8" piece of muslin. After placing my print in the center, I pieced the block.  

  I added some vintage lace, silk ribbon embroidery, beads, seam treatments, and of course Miss Muffet had to have her spider. 

  After embellishing was complete I squared it up with my rotary cutter. I pinned a decorative beaded trim to the bottom of the block and laid the backing fabric onto the front pieced block wrong sides together and stitched all around leaving top open. Turn inside out and press.  

I made a simple purse liner by sewing the two sides of an 18"by 8" rectangular piece of thin lining fabric and inserting this down into the purse.  

Turn under the top of both liner and purse twice and stitch by hand or machine. Add snap or button closure. I used Vintage crocheted lace for the handle. It was very sturdy and I knew it would take the use just fine. I added a Vintage Mother Of Pearl button to the front top center for decoration.    

Now wouldn't this bring a smile to a little lady you know? Can you imagine how special she will feel when she receives such a "grown up" gift?  

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