Crazy Quilting a Necktie

Pat Winter 2004

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My son has a friend who dresses in his own "unique" way.  He is the one that pokes his head into my sewing room to see what new "crazy" item I am working on and then gives me his approval, which I find encouraging.  I have always wanted to make him a crazy quilted tie just to see if he would wear it.  One day I will.  Until then, I figured I would experiment on one for myself to wear on a day when I needed to smile.  I like the results of my tie and wanted to share them with you in hopes that you may throw caution to the wind and sport a crazy quilt tie or make one as a gift for a friend or family member who would appreciate it.  I decided to take apart an old tie that was lying around for several years.  I don't remember where it even came from, but it deserves a new life.

Remove all stitching and press open the tie. You may also trace the tie and use muslin for your base instead. If the old tie has any padding, remove this bulk so you don't have to embellish through it.

Figure 1

I started piecing my tie from the top and worked my way down. It was surprisingly simple and fast.

Figure 2

Fold the tie to its original shape and press with iron. It is ready to embellish. Let the fun begin!

Figure 3

Since I may wear this tie to the beach to gather sea glass, I decided it should be a beach theme. I used a few prints of sea shells and Adirondack chairs to help set the theme.

Figure 4a and 4b

With a few embroidered seam treatments, mini sea shells, and beads, I embellished the tie. I tried to keep the embellishments minimal near the top of the tie where it would be fed through itself to actually tie it so they would not be worn loose. I transferred some words which have meaning to me in various areas of the tie. On the bottom area of the tie which lays behind the front part, I transferred a saying which is very true, " Like the Lake, Our Life Has Ripples Too". Only I will know it is there when I am wearing it, and that is ok.

Figure 5

Press the tie from behind and tack down the edges. Iron on a fusible silk backing or using the hidden stitch add a lining/baking to your tie. You now have a unique accessory to wear with a big shirt and jeans or under a blazer just for the fun of it.

Figure 6

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