Verana, First the Face

Rita Goff 2004

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With much hesitation and trepidation, I started on the Brazilian Dimensional Embroidery project, known as Verana. There is so much to do....OK....take a deep breath and jump in. Before starting a project, I like to gather all the threads necessary and place them in plastic sleeve carriers. This way I can quickly pick up my project and take it with me when leaving the house. That completed, I read through all the instructions, I don't like surprises. The design is then placed on stretcher bars with tacks. No more excuses......lets begin.

OH MY GOSH! They want me to use Glory #221 and split the plies of this thread to do the outline of lips using the stem stitch. In over five years of learning to do BDE, I have never run upon instructions to split the plies Oh, well, one must remain open to learning new things. Here goes.....

By keeping the split strands in half the length I generally use, this part went rather smoothly....

YIKES, now I have to do the iris of the eye, using Glory #024, the satin stitch and again Splitting the thread....Nothing ventured, nothing gained... YEA.....that wasn't so bad.

The pupils come next and oh yes, these, too, are using Glory #206 and splitting the threads.....hey, this is getting

Wouldn't you know, just as I was getting a little used to split glory threads, they move me up to Glory #222 to do the outline of the face, chin and down the neck, in the stem stitch.....that was a piece of cake.

Now to protect these facial features as the rest of the stitching is done, it is recommended that you protect this part by covering it with a swatch of fabric and basting along the edges. This keeps the face safe from rubbing, pulling and any other damage that may occur.

My fragile nerves now need a cup of tea and a break, I will do the covering in a bit.... .then we begin the Buttonhole ribbon that is throughout this piece and the many branches, stems, buds and field flowers.

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