An Easy CQ Flap Shoulder Bag

Pat Winter © 2004

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If you are like me, you need a crazy quilted shoulder bag for every season.  Okay, maybe you need one every month.  I make up my patterns as I go and realized that I should be keeping records of my designs.  Therefore, I am sharing my latest autumn purse pattern with you, because it would make a very nice and simple gift for a girlfriend or family member for an occasion.  I used several embellishment gifts from special friends for this purse.  I find this makes my purses more personal and unique.

Lets get started!

First I cut a 13” by 22” piece of attractive upholstery type fabric for my purse body.  I also cut an 8” by 13” piece of muslin or scrap fabric for my crazy quilt base for the front flap.  I trim the corners off to make this a rounded purse flap but you could have a rectangular one if desired by leaving it alone.  The last thing I cut out is a 13” by 28” lining fabric.  This can be suit lining, satin, muslin, or any coordinating fabric you wish.

Starting with the muslin base fabric, crazy piece and embellish using your favorite piecing method. I prefer the center method.  When the crazy quilted flap is completed iron a medium weight fusible interfacing to the back and trim.  Depending on the weight of my upholstery fabric, ironing a thin fusible batting to the inside of the purse body fabric provides a nice padding for the purse contents and gives the purse a nice “weight” while hanging across your shoulder.

With the purse body right side up, lay the pieced and embellished flap right side down lining up the 13” side raw edges, pin and stitch using a generous seam allowance.

Press seam open.  With the purse body and flap facing wrong side up ,make two folds so it looks like a finished purse.  Purse body would be folded in half and flap would hang ¾ over the front. Mark where you want your closure to be added.  I use magnetic clasps, so I add my clasp to the purse body front at this time, but not to the purse flap.

Doing this allows you to hide the “washer” of the clasp between the lining and the CQ flap without having to cut into the CQ flap.

Pin the lining section onto the entire purse.  Stitch leaving 6” gap near flap area to turn. Clip around curves, clip close to seams, turn right side out.  Press around edges.  Before sewing 6” opening, add closure to flap at this time.  Fold purse and stitch side with machine.

Now you can add “frills” if you like by sewing on wild fiber fringe, beaded trims, charms, etc all around crazy quilted front flap.  Sew on a cord for the shoulder strap using carpet or heavy duty thread. I used purse clasps from a local craft shop.  They are plentiful with the purse craze in full swing.

You may want to keep this one, so you had better get busy with another to give away! Don't forget to put a coin in the purse for good luck and prosperity!

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