Through Your Eyes Challenge: If You Can Imagine It, CQ It

The Challenge Committee 2004

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Novice (under 1 year):

Entrant N1:

Please find my entry to your contest, being a CQ Purse which I have made. Measurements being 10" long x 4 1/4" wide. I would like to enter it into "Through Your Eyes Challenge" contest - closing date 1st December 2004.  I would like to enter into the novice section - I have only been doing CQ for just on 12 months.  My project being in the theme of "Garden of Delights" I have scanned three pictures one of each side of my purse and a close up of the main feature.

Entrant N2:

Attached I have three photos of my entry to the CQ MAgazine Online contest. "Autumn Leaves" is the title. It is a 12"x10" block. I am entering in the Novice category as I first crazy quilted earlier the summer of 2004.  The all-over pic shows the colors better. I'm still trying to understand my digital camera so the close-ups are a little fuzzy and a little washed out.

Entrant N3:

I would very much like to enter "through your eyes challenge, if you can imagine it" contest, I would like to enter my first effort at doing crazy patchwork, my entry is a tote purse,

Entrant N4:

I send you photos of my block that I've just completed it today.  I've been doing CQ since Feb.2004, this is my third block. The Victorian Elegance has been always influenced me and I've created this block as being my first big project. I'll use block as pillow, I made a dark blue frame and stitched lace to cover the borders. I didn't use machine, I stitched everything by hand. I've crocheted miniature hat and boot, as well. Could you please register my name into the Novice category.


Entrant N5:

I have been crazy quilting since half year. At the first I beginning small project a wall hanging in memory of my mom. But I am to unversed to cq. And know the wall hanging is waiting to finished. In the internet I find different pages to see and learn more about cq. So I found your beautiful Magazine. I am to observe your online-magazine. My English is not so good that I understand not all your article and it is a little bit difficult to translate it. But it was a big help to look at your photo archive. Thank you very much!!!!  I have send you 3 photo's of my last project. It is a Pajama bag for my daughter.

Entrant N6:

Here is my entry. I've submitted three views from different angles. One of those inspirations that hit when I wake up at 2:30/3:00 in the morning and can't go back to sleep. It was fun to make. I've been doing BE about 1 year and CQ about 5 months. And the piece is all my design.


Entrant E1:

I   have  been CQ'ing for over a year; however, I get to practice my hobby so  rarely  that I feel like a novice.  This is an 8" bag which I made for a friend who lives in Albuquerque. The theme is New Mexico: there is an armadillo charm on the end of a dangle on  the front flap, under the flap I have done a SRE of a Yucca plant, and  on  the back of the bag I have outline stitched a coyote, representing The Trickster God, and Kokopelli, a fertility spirit. I have used a combination
of glass and crystal beads and natural semi-precious stones-- amber, tigers  eye, and garnet. I also attached two home made polymer pins. (Don't ask  about the kitchen sink.) Because the bag has three sides-- flap, under the flap and back, I haven't  included any close ups. I'm not very good at photo taking, so I'll  just  cross my fingers that this will be sufficient.

Entrant E2:

This is a Needlebook that I have made in 2004. (Designer - Julie Craig, Attic Heirlooms, Wichita, KS.) I attended a class in her shop in March 2004 and started to make this. I have finished it at home through out the year.  MY GODEY LADY NEEDLEBOOK  This Needlebook is 8 1/2" X 7 1/2" when it is closed. It opens to 8 1/2" X 14 1/2". It is made of dark green crushed velvet on the outside, and dupioni silk on the inside. Embellishments include the Godey Lady Print, dyed to match lace, beads, metallic thread, silk ribbon folded roses and 2 Victorian era metal motifs.  The fastener is a roll of the crushed velvet and sewed up in a round knob. The loop that buttons around it is the same material so it just looks one row larger when it is fastened. This is a close up of the embellishing on the Godey Print on the front of the needlebook. This is the needlebook opened. As you can see, there are several pockets, etc., to keep your sewing tools in. A cord made of the green crushed velvet holds the bobbins of thread. It is fastened on one end with a pin, so that the threads can be replaced if needed. All of the pocket flaps and the scissors are held in place with a silk ribbon tied in a bow. The needlebook is made completely by hand.


Entrant E3:

My block is titled "Storm at Sea" and what I feel it may be like with the winds so strong blowing from a darkened sky. Of course, there would be all sorts of things spilling overboard and wrecked ships and who knows maybe some of those imaginative mermaids and sea horses! Aye, a lot of loot such as coins and pearls! A pirates dream! I saw this tie with the schooner at a yard sale and immediately knew I would use it for a fun block. I crazy pieced it, I did trapunto on the schooners sails, hand beaded, and embroidered with some machine embroidery. I had a great time doing it, like going on my own personal treasure hunt. This piece is going on a very old square chest that my grand uncle made for my mother when she was a single woman. I have all sorts of old treasures in there, like my wedding gown and the babies christening gowns.

Entrant E4:

I have been in touch with Nancy and as my Victorian Rosebuds Lampshade measures 10 Inches tall plus 2 inches of bead fringing it will be suitable to enter in the competition.  I had this idea of a Victorian CQ lampshade for some time and this was the perfect opportunity to do one. It is Cqed in shades of creams and gold, embellished with SRE rosebuds in shades of pinks and purples with a different beaded and embellished motif on each panel, and gold charms with a gold beaded spider for good luck. I also beaded the 2 inch fringe around the lamp.


Entrant E5:

 This is the peach block I did.  Most of the materials are from Random Acts of Kindness (RAOK) gifts and swaps. I am sending all three pictures, the whole piece framed and two close ups in this email.

Entrant E6:

I made a 9 inch square crazy quilt block - embellished one half of it, folded it over and sewed it along the side and bottom, lined it and attached plaited braid to make a crazy quilt spectacle pouch.  The block was made a few weeks ago and I finished it just yesterday so it was definitely made in 2004 and has not been published elsewhere.


Entrant E7:

Sunset on the Seafloor: For the first image.  Of late, I have been fascinated with seascapes. Under the sea, we are not bound by things we see around us each day such as trees and flowers.  Our imagination can go free.   Just imagine if we could see a  sunset on the ocean floor.

Entrant E8:

So far I guess I would call  it a  crazy quilt block ... but it is actually going to (eventually) become the  middle of a bigger quilt (one to hang on the wall) ... the quilt may or  may  not have more crazy on it ... so far it is going to be a white background  with this bit made into the bit in the middle of a star - the points  will be more of the blue/green/purple fabrics. I have not actually named the  quilt,  that this thingy is going to be the middle of, yet (sometimes the name comes  before I make the quilt, other times it comes later <g>) ... so I  suppose  "Thingy" will do for now if my entry needs a name <vbg>. btw ... I didn't use any pattern - just made it up as I went. I also  tatted  that little motif thingy that I made into a sort of flower at the  bottom of  the heart. Oh ... and I guess I have to be in the "Experienced" category - I have been  dabbling in crazy quilting for more than a year.

Entrant E9:

 Here is my entry. It is a 6 1/2" X 7" sewing case with pincushion, scissor holder, needle felt pad and thread holder.


Entrant E10:

Christmas Stocking, on which I tried  to do many different techniques. It is my own challenge. There is  punch  embroidery, stumpwork, silk ribbon embroidery and applied large  embellishments, such as folded roses and charms. I named it Opus 6.

Entrant E11:

This "Through Your Eyes Challenge" is a personal challenge for me as I am partially blind. I lost all central vision to a disease called AMD (Wet Macular Degeneration), and use special equipment, lighting and magnifiers to sew with. This little Crazy quilt was made for my Victorian dollhouse in 1" scale. The hardest "challenge" is to finish something, knowing that now that the quality can never be what I am capable of if I had my sight.  This quilt measures 7x8" Is all done by hand...with over 100 patches. Approx. 80% of the seams and patches are embellished with stitching, beading and mini charms.

Entrant E12:

This crazy quilt is in memory of a friend who (like many others) lost her battle with breast cancer. When she felt well enough she always wanted to go to her garden. Now I know she waits in this magical garden for all of the rest of us to arrive.

Entrant E13:

Life is short: This block takes its name from the print in the center which reads " Life is short, oh may it be full of happiness to thee." Almost all the fabrics and trims in this block were gifts or raoks. I like to challenge myself with each block I make and this one contains some curved pieces. It is the first time I have used curved pieces in a cq block.  The block is 12 inches square and will be framed.


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