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Winners for this issue's Readers' Showcase are:

Diane Ransome!

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We are currently seeking photos of your CQ projects, especially those offered here, to be included in our Readers' Showcase, which will be offered with each issue.

Prizes will be awarded to a lucky individual by random drawing.  All entrants are eligible to win. 

Please include your name, photo of your project, and a brief description.  Check out How to Submit A Photo to CQMagOnline for details. 


Embellishing with Lace, Trims, Ribbons, Beads and Found Objects

Entrants and Winners: "Through Your Eyes Challenge: If You Can Imagine It, CQ It" by the Challenge Committee
See the entrants, winners and great prizes offered by CQMagOnline in our most recent contest.

Novice First Place Winner by Rengin Yazitas

Novice Second Place Winner by Agnes Duennhaupt

Novice Third Place Winner by Andrea Beecroft

Experienced First Place Winner by Julia Camilleri

Experienced Second Place Winner by Gayle Siebert

Experienced Third Place Winner by Debbie Reed

Velvet Butterflies by Diane Ricks
Diane shows you how to make these sensational velvet butterflies for your next project.

A Gift for Debbie by Lynn Schoeffler
Lynn shares an incredible project full of found objects and sentimental embellishments. 

A Human Interest Quilting Story by Sherry Viktora
Sherry uses Precious Metal Clay (PMC) to create emblems that would be perfect for Crazy Quilts.

Embellishing Lace by Stephanie Novatski
Stephanie discusses many ways to further embellish lace motifs.

Jewelry is Not Just for Wearing Anymore! by Stephanie Novatski
Stephanie shows us how she uses all sorts of found objects for CQ.

Polymer Clay Faces  by Stephanie Novatski
Stephanie uses polymer clay and push molds to create wonderful faces that can be added to your Crazy Quilting.

Machine Embroidery in Crazy Quilting  by Stephanie Novatski
In a continuing series, Stephanie examines a purse made by Jenny Clark for her granddaughter.

The Bride Wore Isotoners by Dean Deerfield
Dean shows us her clever solution for a bride with shoe problems.

A Crazy Home for Collectibles by Dean Deerfield
Dean discusses using memorabilia and sentimental items in your Crazy Quilting and room decor.

Digital Stamps and CQ by Pat Winter
Pat demonstrates how art brushes can be used in Adobe PhotoShop to create one of a kind digital stamps for your CQ.

Books in Review:

Mary Jo Hiney's The Beaded Object by Barbara Blankenship

The Vintage Workshop Gifts For All Occasions by Nora Creeach

More CQ Ideas & Information:

Vintage Sewing CD by Gwen Frazier
Gwen reviews a vintage sewing CD she got at the Houston Quilt Market.

"Sleep With the Angels" 2005 Project - CQMagOnline by Barbara Blankenship
Inspired by Mary Fisher, Barbara is spearheading an effort of create a crazy quilt in honor of children with AIDS, which will be donated to the University of South Alabama Hospital for AIDS Research.

Color Wheel Completed by Jenny Clark
The color wheel quilt is finally finished and Jenny shares her photos of this incredible project.

2004 Quilt Market and Festival in Houston, TX by Barbara Blankenship
Barbara and Gwen shopped, mingled, promoted CQMagOnline and more in Houston.

Pacific International Quilt Festival 2004, A Personal Account by Rissa Peace Root
A personal look at the quilt show by a first time attendee.

Bee Crazy Group from Lake Jackson by Barbara Blankenship
Barbara shares information about her local CQ group and shows photos of some of their incredible work.

Crazy Gathering and the Friendship Tapestry Project by Pat Winter
Pat explores a worldwide project that represents friendship through our common bond; a love of needlework.

Create Crazy Stitches While You Wait by Dean Deerfield
Dean suggests using your down time to create and record ideas for seam treatments.

Upcoming Quilt Shows & Festivals  by Nora Creeach
Nora put together a list of some upcoming events for Crazy Quilters.

Dean's Eye Candy by Rissa Peace Root
Dean shares various photos of some of her CQ projects.

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Projects & Techniques:

Fabric Covered Box Lids by Jean Bowman
Jean shows how decorative boxes can make a real statement.

Focus on Embroidery: Shadow Work by Rissa Peace Root
Shadow Work is a excellent way to incorporate sheer fabrics into your Crazy Quilting.

Double Back Stitch by Rissa Peace Root
The Double Back Stitch, also known as the Inverse Herringbone Stitch, is easy to master.

BOI for January 2005 by Kimber Pekora
Kimber gives us a great block tailor made for novice Crazy Quilters.

Seam Treatments for January by Rissa Peace Root
Rissa offers two charted seam treatments for this issue. 

Verana Continued by Rita Goff
Rita shows us her progress on this Edmar Designs pattern for Brazilian Dimensional Embroidery.

Editor's Notes by Nora Creeach
A word or two from our esteemed editor about our latest issue.

This issue proudly sponsored by:

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