Sleep with the Angels - Part 2

Barbara Blankenship © 2005

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Our project for 2005, Sleep with the Angels, has been a wonderful success. There is something special among our friends who crazy quilt…compassion, love, thoughtfulness and support. I am indeed grateful for such an overwhelming response.

I received a newsletter from the Mary Fisher Care Fund Clinical AIDS Research and Education shortly after our January issue was published. I want to share some of what was written in this newsletter: “The art” (speaking of Mary's) is “astonishing in its message of love, despair and hope,” said Quilting Arts Magazine, profiling Mary in the summer 2004 issue. It so moved audiences at last years International Quilt Festival that organizers asked her back for this year's event, which drew 50,000 people in Houston Nov. 4-7, 2004.

Among Festival visitors was Barbara Blankenship, a Texas-based writer for the Web quilting publication Barbara emailed Mary to say “how touching and inspirational” she found the art and the words in Mary's book, Sleep with the Angels. After reading it, she says, “I wanted to do something…to bring awareness and help in some small way.” So Barbara is asking fellow Crazy Quilters to craft angel-motif blocks; she will quilt them into a “Sleep with the Angels” wall hanging “in honor of Mary's dedication and to the children who suffer from HIV/AIDS.”

Deeply grateful for Barbara's response to her art and words, Mary says she will arrange to have the quilt displayed in a place where it can inspire others...”

We have 35 volunteer who will be participating in this project with blocks being due by the end of April. To date I have 10 incredible blocks in my possession. I hope you will enjoy browsing through the photographs of these blocks. Again I am indeed grateful to all that volunteered and made this project a reality.

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