Velvet Strawberry Needle Sharpener Fob

Pat Winter 2005

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Like most needlework enthusiasts, I find sewing notions interesting and hard to resist. I have seen many tomato pincushions with the little strawberries attached, but never found them appealing. That is until the day I saw a collection of vintage velvet strawberries. I fell in love with the cream colored one. It had pink beads on it and looked so delicate.

Since that day I have made several of these little notions. I make them for birthday gifts, add them to Christmas bows, and keep a few handy for a special last minute gift. I wanted to share my pattern with you so you too could have a supply handy for a special sewing friend, or group several in a bowl or old jar for decoration in your sewing room.

  Supplies needed:
  • Green cube or seed beads
  • pink or red seed beads
  • emery or cutting sand
  • 3" square cream velvet
  • 2" square green felt
  • medium lobster clasp
  • beading thread and needle. 
Trace pattern onto velvet and cut on line. With straight edges together, stitch closed with machine with small stitches to prevent emery from leaking.      Fill full and gather top and sew by hand tightly.  
Cut triangles from green felt in circle to resemble strawberry cap. Set aside. Insert beading needle from top of strawberry to bottom and begin adding pink or red beads. Alternate around strawberry. Sew on felt cap.      String cube beads and lobster clasp from cap to form "chain" for scissor.  
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