Friendship Tapestry Project Update

Pat Winter © 2005

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I am happy to announce the blocks contributed to the “Friendship Tapestry Project” by the Crazy Gathering group have arrived in Iceland.

This is the letter I received the day they arrived from “Rags”.

"Dear, dearest Pat,
The gorgeous pieces arrived safely tonight at my house! Delivered by a young man who smiled, when he saw my face light up at the sight of your name on the packet
I knew from the pictures that the pieces were beautiful, but....... I had no idea how .... I do not have enough vocabulary to describe what I am feeling. Thank you, thank you, thank you.... a thousand times, all of you. All the different types of fabric and lace and the different silk ribbon flowers and leaves, the beads in all variations. How is it possible to display the very symbolic dragonfly in so many different and beautiful ways?! The beautiful fabric, the details in the stitches. It is all so amazing, I... as I say, I don't have the words for it. This very friendly donation from your group will add a new dimension on the tapestry."

As the blocks arrived , sometimes three at a time, I just knew this was going to be something special. Each one featured a dragonfly to represent the group. Each one very different, very beautiful, very special. As promised, I am sharing each block with you to enjoy. Not only have I had the pleasure of viewing these wonderful blocks, but I have made a new friend in Iceland, Rags.

This is what its all about!

Thank you all for donating your time, talent, and friendship toward this wonderful cause. You are the best!

You may view all of the blocks from around the world at the Friendship Tapestry web site.

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