Ott Lites and Me

Nancy Combs 2005

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The handiest tools for doing needlework are my Ott Lites. I Have three. The small portable one, the floor model and model OLFX-18TC.

I have the portable light on my stash storage system. It's excellent for helping me choose fabrics when I'm starting a new project.

The floor model is behind my right shoulder. It gives me extra light while I am working on a project. This one was my first Ott Lite. I purchased it from my local needle work shop as it was on sale and I was able to put it on lay-away. It was a "good thing" the day I paid it off and brought it home.

My favorite is the OLFX. It has a clamp so it can be attached to a table and a base for the floor. I use the floor base because it puts direct light right on to my lap. It sits on my left side.

Unfortunately, I have developed Macular Degeneration and, I find the Ott Lites are making my efforts to do my handwork much easier. Doing handwork is now an entirely different process for me and has become a learning experience.

Ott-Lite Technology

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