Tea Time - A Victorian Pleasure

Linda Gibbs 2005

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I love adding a 3-dimension to projects. In this project, the teapot is actually cut out of cardboard, the cardboard is sprayed with 3M Super 77 spray adhesive, quilt-batting is applied with the same spray adhesive (very fine, light mist), then the moire fille is applied over the quilt batting and shaped around the teapot.

This can be the center of a crazy quilt wall-hanging, a framed picture, shadow-box or what you will.

Editor's Note: Click on pattern for a printable teapot shape to try this project yourself.
The project had been framed before the picture was taken, we were unable to remove the light glare caused by the glass.

Linda Gibbs is an artist, designer and teacher in Southern California. She is listed as a teacher on the yahoogroup silk-ribbon embroidery website.

You can contact Linda at:
ribbonembroidery@hotmail.com  or
ribbonembroidery@yahoo.com .

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