KREINIK Iron-on Threads

Pat Winter 2005

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Recently I had a chance to try out the metallic iron-on threads by KREINIK. I was reluctant to use these threads. At first sight they looked like they had specks of white throughout the spool. Although KREINIK offers quite a variety of colors, 37 including glow-in-the-dark, and in three sizes. #8 fine braid, #16 braid, and 1/8"ribbon. I thought the white specks would give the thread a washed out look. I was wrong. The white is the adhesive which disappears. When the threads are heated, the color is enhanced, giving your project a very vibrant look.

I did learn a few tips while working with this product.
  1.  Trim the tip of the thread on an angle before each use. This keeps the end crisp and not fuzzy looking.
  2. When working on a small project, cut a small square from your Teflon pressing sheet. This allows you to see your work area as you go eliminating any ironing mistakes.
  3. Using a long straight pin to hold down the ribbon while pressing helps to keep your fingers safe from the mini iron. It gets very hot!
  4. If you didn't fill an area, you can add more thread without getting a built up area, or "lump".
  5. If you need to reposition, you may reheat area with iron and move. These threads are very hard to remove unless you reheat them. I tried picking it off to test it, and I couldn't lift a corner.

I think this iron-on thread will always be a part of my crazy quilting. My favorite color is #6301, a lime green with pink specks. The gold( #6230 )or pearl( #6710) thread would make wonderful straight lines for a spider web, cursive signatures could easily be obtained using the fine braid for those of us who cannot embroider their name very well.

I hope you give this product a try. I think you will find it fun to work with, and surprisingly easy. Please share your creations with us. You may learn more about these threads and get free projects at .

How to use KREINIK iron-on threads

Supplies needed:

  • fabric, or whatever you want to add embellishments to,( including cell phones)
  • mini iron
  • Teflon pressing sheet
  • assortment of iron-on threads
  • scissors
  • pattern
After tracing pattern onto work area, place iron-on thread tip onto project working from a corner and cover with Teflon pressing sheet and press.       Outline entire pattern.

Start filling the area by laying down threads beside each other until solid.

You may overlap if you have any small gaps to fill.       Dragonfly outlined using iron-on KREINIK  

Care of fabric embellished with Iron-on thread: Hand wash in cool water. Hang dry. May be dry cleaned. Use a hot iron to touch up any loose threads.

Download the KREINIK Iron-On Thread color chart.
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