April BOI

Jenny Clark 2005

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This BOI is more complex than those we have shown previously. Even the more complex designs can be pieced more easily if you break it down in sections. The block was designed, pieced and embellished by Jenny Clark.

The cartoon shows one way it can be separated into sections, each section pieced and the joined to the rest to complete the block.

The sections have the numbering color coded for ease.
After you have pieced all sections place section A face down on Section D then stitch and flip.
Place section C face down on B, stitch and flip then place the combined B-C face down on D, stitch and flip.
Join Sections E and F. Because of the configuration you will be able to flip and sew along the E-3 to F-2 & F-3 line. F-3 and F-5 are turned under alone E-3 and stitched in place.
The curve along the C - D line is turned under and stitched down to the joined E - F sections to complete the block.

While embellishing the block elements such as the printed image and large sunflower are appliqued in place adding to the complexity of the block.

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