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Nora Creeach 2005

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Fast Fun & Easy Fabric Boxes
Eight Great Designs - Unlimited Possibilities

Linda Johanson

ISBN 1-57120-265-4
C&T; Publishing

The book has very clear instructions with step-by-step how-to illustrations for the eight basic boxes. Some variations are also included. There are also ideas for embellishing the boxes. These boxes use the Double-Sided Fusible Stiff Interfacing or Timtex. Sources are given to purchase this interfacing and other supplies needed to complete the projects.

Throughout the instructions there are tips, fun ideas and easy ways to carryout the direction. There is also a full sized, pull out pattern sheet.

Make a box tonight for that gift you need tomorrow. These boxes are so fast, easy and fun to make you will have the ability to make all the gifts you will need.

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