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Nora Creeach 2005

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More Amazing
Quilted Photography

By: Tammie Bowser
ISBN: 1-887467-51-3  
Mosaic Quilt Studio 


We are shown how a photograph is reproduced by pieces of fabric giving you a textured, painted look to the finished piece

The author tells us how art has inspired her and names a few artists that were of more influence in her development of this technique.

We are shown how to choose colors, the correct value and how to cut the fabric for the piece. Determine the right photographs to choose for this technique. Learn how to take photographs better suited to the technique and produce a quilted photograph to be proud of.

The instructions are easy to read and understand. There are plenty of pictures and diagrams to illustrate the instructions and help us make our own 'Quilted Photograph'.

More Amazing Quilted Photographs can be used to make motifs and small 'pictures' to add to our CQ projects even if we never make a larger quilt. It is also a very interesting read and would be a different addition to our library.

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