Sleep With The Angels
Part 3

Barbara Blankenship © 2005

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A wall hanging in honor of Mary Fisher
And dedicated to the children with HIV/AIDS

I am so thrilled with the progress of our CQMagOnline Project for 2005. We introduced the project in January and had a terrific response. In the April issue we were thrilled to report a total of 36 blocks had been promised and a large number completed and in my possession.

Again it is exciting to give you an update in this current issue. I have received all 36 blocks and have had one “sewing day” with my dear friend, Sandra Burket. With the help of my local CQ friends, we chose a beautiful “old gold” dupioni to use as sashing. All the blocks have been stitched into rows and we are currently working on stitching these rows together. Sandra is an “expert” and with her stitching this will be one beautiful quilt.

I will choose a fabric, probably Burgundy, for the border. The next step will be to tie the quilt and I'm thinking of using 2 mm silk ribbon for this. With the completion of the binding, I will be ready to pack it securely and send to Mary Fisher. I will be able to give you a final update in the next issue of our magazine.

Patty Edmonds, one of Mary Fisher's writers, has asked that each of the ladies contributing blocks send in a short profile of themselves. This will be used in some manner to let others know who gave of their time and talents for this project.

Originally I had asked for short poems, scriptures, or inspirational sayings. With those I received, I compiled a small silk book. The back of the wall hanging will have a pocket attached that will hold the book. Included in this article are some of the pages from the book.


This project has been such a wonderful experience for me. I have made new friends from all over our world. We have each joined together in friendship, love for our fellow man, and a desire to help in some small way in spreading the word about this disease that has affected so many. We hope that our contribution will help to bring awareness to the issues of HIV/AIDS.

The first group of individual blocks was shown in the last issue of These are the blocks from the remaining donors.


Allie Aller 

Hatice Cetiner 

Tulay Koprulu 

Carol (Froggie) Anfinson 

Judith Green 

Derya Atasayar 

Nora Creeach 

Juliette Coates 

Julie Edison 

Rengin Yazitas 

Sarah Ellis Dickey 

Nuriye Kozik 

Victoria Adams Brown  

Barb Engle 

Sarah Ellis Dickey

Jocelyn Goodger 

Carol Linderg 

Derya Atasayar 

Janice Tucker 

Jean Bowman 

Lita Wells 

Maureen Graham 

Nur Cubukcu 

Rita Brizendine 

Jan Campbell
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