A Look At
Sulky Blendables Cotton Thread

Jessica Rupp 2005

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A new line of Sulky Blendables cotton thread is available in 30 and 40 wt and makes a dainty crochet yarn that, due to it's variegated nature, finishes looking as though the crochet piece was antiqued or aged.

It works very nicely into small motifs. Included with this article are some photos of small pieces I made up using this thread. It technically is not a technique, just a demonstration of the rich look that the thread provides when a needleworker wishes to create motifs using her/his own favorite patterns.

I used a size 6 crochet hook for most of the pieces although a larger one was also used briefly with good results.

Sulky Blendables Threads are conveniently available at almost all sewing and quilting stores. The patterns I used are my own except for the length of lace which is a pattern from the work of Patricia Kristoffersen and is available through her website in Leaflet form.

Patricia Kristoffersen Crochet Originals

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