Wool Swap

Kathleen Brulc 2005

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Recently several members of an online CQ group held a fulled or felted wool swap. The wool swapped included both reclaimed garments that the participants felted and purchased wool felt yardage. It was great fun searching out wool skirts and blankets in the thrift shops, although not always an easy task for members in Arizona and Texas. The method I used for felting the reclaimed wool was very easy. I washed the items on the small load setting with hot water in the washing machine. I added a kettle of boiling water to the machine for good measure along with a rubber flip flop to increase agitation. I used a very small amount of Ivory dish soap. After washing the wool was machine dried. The heavier the wool, the better it felted. Some of the finer wools I washed twice. Even though the swap group was small, the variety of wool exchanged was excellent.

Inspired by the lovely wool and conversations on another group I pieced the wool into two small blocks. The first block I cut the pieces out following a paper pattern and butted them up against one another. They were basted to a muslin backing and then embellished with wool embroidery. I also pieced a block using iron on interfacing to hold the pieces together at the seams. Both methods of piecing worked well. The wool needles very well and makes a wonderful background for embroidery. It was especially fun using the same types of materials that many antique crazy quilts utilized.

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