Crazy Patch Doll

Stephanie Novatski 2005

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I have a dear friend, Bunny Goode who makes and designs dolls. Two of the dolls she designed , one a wall doll, the other on a stand, have a body shape that is a very simple one piece design that would lend itself to being crazy patched.

We tried two different methods: first with an already existing patched and embellished block, and the second patching just the doll area. Depending on how you intend to display the doll, it may not be necessary to patch the back--your preference.

Working with an already pieced block

The first thing I did was make a negative cutout of the doll's body. I then auditioned several areas of the block to see how it would look. The block I am using for this purpose is a RR Block that I just can't cut up, but if you have blocks you have done and don't know what to do with them, this would work very well!


To use an existing block, mark the outside edge of the doll on the block with tailors chalk, disappearing air pen, or any temporary marking method you prefer. Remove any embellishments that will fall inside the seam allowance or may hinder sewing the front and back together. Machine baste 1/4" from seam line all around doll and cut excess fabric away close to the stitching. Repeat for the back or use a complementary fabric.

Follow the directions for making the doll as provided in the pattern.

Piecing the doll on a Muslin base

  Mark the seam line of the doll body on muslin. 
  Crazy patch the doll. 
  Place a negative cutout of doll over pieced doll body to make sure all seam lines are covered. Match the cutout to the drawn shape on the muslin.  
  Machine baste 1/4" from seam edge. Embellish patchwork. By hand or machine making sure if you are using beads, they are at least 1/4" from seam edge on doll body. 

Finish doll per pattern directions. When I used Sleek Chic, I eliminated the arms.


Pictured above are three dolls I made using Bunny's patterns. The peach doll does not have a pieced back. The sea themed doll is on a stand.

Bunny Goode's patterns can be purchased directly from her at
I used Wilhelmina Wallflower and Sleek Chic patterns for the dolls above.

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