Dragonfly Needle Book/ Pin Cushion

Pat Winter © 2005

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No one can have too many needle books or pin cushions. I designed a combination of the two in the form of my favorite “critter”, the dragonfly. I crazy quilted wings which hide a set of felt wings which would hold four different types of needles. I filled mine with beading, petite, milliners, and ribbon embroidery needles. The body of the dragonfly is stuffed to accommodate straight pins or threaded needles as you work. This dragonfly could actually hang on the wall in your sewing room as art until you are ready for it. It can also stand on the four wired legs on your desk and be used as a pin cushion. How ever you use it, it will definitely be a conversation piece and will bring a little whimsy to your sewing.

8” x 6” Chip board (back of note pad)
scrap fabrics for CQ
fabric for body
crafting wire for legs and antennae
crystals or beads for eyes
felt for needles
1”x 8” strip of thick batting
beads and embroidery threads to CQ with
Fabric Tac glue


Print out the pattern pieces. You can alter the length of your dragonfly if desired. Mine measures 7” from head to tail.  Pattern 

Trace wing patterns onto muslin and CQ. Trace body pattern onto two layers of solid fabric or fabric of your choice. Trace all pattern pieces onto chip board and cut out. You need two body pieces from chip board. You will need 2 felt pieces for each wing needle holder.

Piece and CQ each wing.
Embellish as you wish. Place embellished wing on chip board and wrap edges underneath and glue with Fabric Tac glue, making sure to get all edges glued down.  
Glue the ends of the felt wing “sandwiches” to the raw side of the CQ wings. Set aside after completing all four sets of wings.   
Sew small, clear snaps to the tips of each set of felt wings.   
Glue batting to chip board body and cover with solid fabric as you did the CQ wings. On wrong side of body place wings near the head and glue.   
Cover and glue second chip board body with solid fabric. Place on top of wings and body section. Glue and clamp until dry.   
You can add beads or crystals for eyes, and decorate body if you desire. I used iron on Kreinik thread near head area and two Austrian Crystals for eyes. Your “wing” needle book should unsnap to reveal your needles as shown here.   
Cut legs and antennae to desired length and glue between layers of dragonfly body.   
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