Butterfly Mobile

Nancy Combs 2005

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The magazine Embroidery and Cross Stitch, Volume 11 Number Two featured a lovely Butterfly Mobile, designed by Debbie Wood. I thought it was beautiful and decided to try my version of Ms. Wood's design.

If you should decide you would like to make the mobile, I have some hints. I found using a layer of white bridal tulle between the motif and the interfacing was a help. The interfacing tends to take on a grey hue under the motifs. Just baste it to the interfacing a little and then place both layers under the motif, tulle between the motif and interfacing, then baste the motif to both layers.

Work with a short length of thread when embellishing! The thread will get caught up in the beading if you don't. Well, there are times it will still get caught but, it does help keep down the frustration.

After embellishing each motif, I stitched them together using a blind stitch, left a small opening and, stuffed them, using fiberfill.

Instead of making the hanger beaded, I decided to add silk ribbon fringe to the top. I used silk satin ribbon for the hanger. Just pinch several pieces of silk ribbon in the middle of the length you cut, tack them with needle and thread. Tie them on with the excess beading material you have used to string the beads. Take a length of silk ribbon and tie around the fringe, making a loop for the hanger.

Here is another version of the Mobile I made.

Supplies Used:
Mill Hill Beads
Blue Moon Beads
Cheep Trims motifs
Hand-Dyed Fibers silk ribbon
YLI Organza ribbon
Short beading needles
Long beading needles
Silk or sewing thread to match motif
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