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Bags and Accessories with Style 

Stephanie Kimura

ISBN: 0-87349-911-5

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The book begins with an in depth discussion of fabrics, batting, fleece, interfacing, fusible web, needles and threads used in the construction of the bags and accessories. This section is followed by sewing and assembly techniques. There are many diagrams and color pictures demonstrating the text making it clear and easy to understand.

The next section deals with embellishments, closures and specialty handles. Again the illustration are colorful and well done leaving you in no doubt about what the text is telling you.

Throughout the final ten sections the individual bags, belts and scarves are explained in detail. There is an envelope of full sized patterns included in the back of the book.

Not only is this a fun book with bags and accessories from the everyday to wild and funky. It is so well written it becomes a valued resource for all who wish to make their own bags and accessories.

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