2006 Art Bra Calendar

Stephanie Novatski 2005

Way to Women's Wellness 2006 Art Bra Calendar Makes its Debut!

Cover bra by Barbara Blankenship

Earth Mother, Grape Expectations, Pieces of My Heart, Anatomy of a Showgirl, Key to Health--What do these phrases bring to mind? Surprisingly, these are the titles of some of the Art Bras that will be featured in the 2006 Way to Women's Wellness Art Bra Calendar. The variety of themes in 2006 calendar selections is widespread--landscapes, a box of chocolates, flowers, jewels, keys and locks, Mermaids--using materials as diverse as rocks, chains, keys, scrumbles (knitted and/or crocheted motifs), porcelain sculpture, crystals and beads to name a few.

A request for entries was sent out to various internet lists for Art Bra submissions in March 2005 . ArtBra entries have come in from all across America and Canada. There were 90 entries and 40 submissions --all of them wonderful--making the job of the independent judges a tough one. Per Victoria Adams Brown, founder of Way to Women's Wellness, what inspires me the most is the graciousness of the entrants willing to participate in this project. And each one of them also commented about the pleasure they received in designing their ArtBra. It seems that either they have a friend or relative with breast cancer in their lives." Leonie Hartley-Hoover created "Anatomy of a Showgirl" to honor her 90 year-old mother who was a dancer at one of London's most famous Dance Reviews in the 1920's. Leonie's Mother is beyond thrilled at having her daughter's ArtBra selected for the calendar. All the 2006 ArtBras will be auctioned at a gala at the end of 2007. Several of the designers are determined to be the high bidder on their creations!

Most of the artists are new to the calendar, though a few are repeats from 2005. Kathleen Glynn, (Miss December 2005, Miss May 2006), Anne Spennachio (Miss May 2005, Miss December 2006) and Stephanie Novatski (Miss August 2005 and Miss April 2006) and Vickie Brown are back along with Allison Aller, Barbara Blankenship (2006 cover girl and CQMagOnline Staff Member), Sharon Benton, Leonie Hartley-Hoover, Susan I. Jones, Joanne Langseth, Patricia Mosca & Kathy Seifert, Janine Franc, Jacky Trimble, Julie Yonge . The 2006 calendar is also being underwritten by Vanity Fair Intimates. Vanity Fair Intimates realizes the importance of "supporting" women in more ways than their lingerie needs. They have been a generous and enthusiastic partner embracing the WTWW vision. Last year's calendar raised over $50,000 which has been dedicated specifically to breast cancer research at a Facility in Texas. Over 60,000 individuals viewed the WTWW 2005 ArtBra Exhibition at various quilt shows and gallery venues and helped create more awareness for Breast Cancer Initiatives. Due to the overwhelming response, the proceeds from the 2006 Calendar will also be raised for Breast Cancer research.

A preview opening night gala and tea party was held in Alden, Michigan, July 19, 2005 featuring the WTWW ArtBra exhibit and the Michigan designers. The Exhibit will be on display for one week and has sold more than 800 tickets for the event. Then the exhibit moves on to Quilt Odyssey in Hershey, PA July 28th. The 2006 calendar is the same format as last year's but this calendar is very elegant with a diversity of mixed media.. There are embroidered and embellished bras, a totally beaded bra, a bra with quilted flowers and leaves embellished with beads, and a bra with soft sculpture dolls adorning the cups among those featured.. Another new addition to 2006 Calendar is the included stories provided by the designers as well as the techniques, materials, and construction methods they used. The stories and information were part of the Art Bra exhibit and helped enhance the viewing experience.

by Jackie Trimble

We hope you will all be able to see this amazing exhibit as it travels throughout the country. For an exhibition schedule, to purchase the 2006 Art Bra Calendar and information about Way to Women's Wellness foundation, visit their website http://www.wtww.org/index.html

Editors Note: Be sure to see Miss April by Stephanie Novatski. These calendars make wonderful gifts and support a great cause as well.