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Nora Creeach 2005

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Since this is our "Critters" issue this is the theme I have chosen for the July 2005 BOI. When I begin a block with a theme in mind I start the search for what will compose my block.

First would be the fabric as demonstrated by the dog print, Children's animals on the blue background and the butterflies print all from Wal Mart.


How will I use these fabrics? Perhaps as a centerpiece patch with 5 or 6 sides. Or iron fusible webbing to the back and cut out just one animal or insect and iron it on the block.

I decided on the butterflies for my starting point, picking the one butterfly I want to embellish and piece the other fabrics around the central motif. At this point I usually decide what type of embellishment the butterfly will get. Some fancy stitching, paint or beading.   

Next I collect and line up fabrics that have either subtle prints or solid colors to piece around the center keeping in mind the other theme prints in my stash as well as my collection of critters to use to embellish the block.

  The lace motifs were from Cheeptrims,
The 3 buttons from a dear friend
and the collection of buttons and flat backs from Buttons Galore and More 

Can you tell I'm fond of butterflies? I will not use all these "critters" but having them out in front of me as I piece the block gives me time to think and decide what will go where

  This is the cartoon of the BOI block showing how the butterfly chosen was cut and placed and the rest of the fabrics added. 
The block is pieced and the embellishing begun. I will need to finish the seams and do some beading on the center butterfly. Yellow or gold beads on the wings and edging the body on the yellow markings should do it, but they will require a trip to the store.    

This gives you an idea of how to get started on a theme block. Try a few of your own and send us pictures.

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