Seam Treatment:
Beaded Open Cretan Stitch

Rissa Peace Root © 2005

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This stitch is worked along four imaginary parallel horizontal lines. You use each successive stitch to secure the bottom of the stitch before it. String one or more beads for each stitch. Use a small straight stitch to end the last section. The stitches will have a more organic shape than is suggested by the straight lines of the diagram.

There are a variety of ways to add beads to this very versatile stitch. Try adding seed beads, bugles, pressed glass beads or small spacers. You are only limited by your imagination. Use decorative thread and allow some of it to show through or use beading thread and cover it completely with beads. The choice is yours.

The first example below uses seed and bugle beads to accentuate the long portions of the stitch. Notice that the bugles are protected on both ends by a seed bead. This is to help keep the bugle beadís sharp edges from fraying the beading thread. The second example shows all seed beads and the third illustrates using rice pearls.

Diagram 1

Diagram 2

Diagram 3

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