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Winners for this issue's Readers' Showcase are:

Linda G. Strickland and Jill Philips

Please contact Nora at the address below to claim your prize!

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We are currently seeking photos of your CQ projects, especially those offered here, to be included in our Readers' Showcase, which will be offered with each issue.

Prizes will be awarded to three lucky individuals by random drawing.  All entrants are eligible to win. 

Please include your name, photo of your project, and a brief description.  Check out How to Submit A Photo to CQMagOnline for details. 



Embellish A Top In Time For The Festive Season by Julia Camilleri
See how Julia embellisheds a T-shirt for the holidays!

Embellishing a “Conversation Piece” Vest by Pat Winter
Pat creates this incredibly unique and wonderful CQ vest.

CQ Embellished Shirt by Stephanie Novatski
Stephanie shares her method for creating a wonderful CQ embellished denim shirt.

Denim and CQ Share the Stage! by Mary Dyer
Mary uses denim and CQ to create a chic bag.

Crazy Quilt Neckpiece  by Lilla Le Vine
Lilla made a basic pattern and created this incredible

CQ Pendant  by Lilla Le Vine
Lilla transforms a Formica tag and a photograph into a cute little CQ Pendant.

An Evening Out by Lynn Schoeffler
Lynn walks you through this wonderful CQ evening bag.

The Merry Widow Handbag by Marilyn Green
Marilyn shares a little inspiration for one of her bags.

Mini CQ Barette by Barbara Blankenship
Barbara makes short work of this wonderful gift item.

Cell Phone Case by Barbara Blankenship
Barbara gives you detailed directions for making this chic, must-have accessory item.

Meena is Putting on the Glitz by Nancy Combs
Nancy shows us that even dogs love embellishment.


Books in Review:

Barbara Randall's More Crazy Quilting with Attitude  by Nora Creeach

Carolyn A. Dahl's Transforming Fabric 30 Creative Ways to Paint, Dye, and Pattern Cloth  by Nora Creeach

More CQ Ideas & Information:

“ Hussies Too” Hussif Group #2 by Pat Winter
Pat presents a photo rich update on a group of you working on Hussifs and Pursifs.

Sleep With The Angels Final Chapter by Barbara Blankenship
Barbara wraps up her report on this wonderful CQ project.

How to Start a CQ Group by Suzanne Bruno
Suzanne takes you through the process of forming a CQ group in your area.

Wanda Makes Waves by Dianne Leatherdale Johnson
Dianne shares this interesting quilt.

CQ Stockings for a Merry Christmas by Genevieve Tracey
Genevieve share several CQ Christmas stockings and

Crazy Quilts at the Pennsylvania National Quilt Extravaganza by Stephanie Novatski
Stephanie share her experience and photos of several Crazy Quilts from this show.

Product Reviews:

TSUKINEKO™ Walnut Inks by Nancy Combs

Tacky BOB by Nancy Combs

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Projects & Techniques:

BOI: Block of the Issue by Kathleen Brulc
Kathleen makes this block into cigar box purse!

Coloring Lace With Tsukineko All Purpose Inks by Lynn Majidimehr
Lynn uses Tsukineko All Purpose Inks to color her lace.

Beaded Initial by Gwen Frazier
Gwen shares her method for creating this wonderful beaded motif.

Dyeing Your Own Wool Threads with Wilton's Icing Colors  by Rissa Peace Root
Rissa focused her intuitive dyeing method on wool embroidery threads.

Seam Treatments for October by Rissa Peace Root
Better late than never.

Editor's Notes by Nora Creeach
A word or two from our esteemed editor about our latest issue.

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