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Volume 4, Issue 4



Agnes Duennhaupt

my name is Agnes from Germany. I will send 2 photos from my last project for my daughter Mandy. It ist cover for a paper issue box. She loves light blue colors. At first I cut up an old box to get a pattern. Then I transfered the pattern to a stiff fleece and created a block that would also match the pattern. This "Crazy-Block" I then sewed onto the fleece. The next step was to decorate the "Crazy-Block" with 1.5 inch hexagons and a lace collar. My last step was to decorate it with Crazystitches and sewing the block to a cover together, so that it fits onto the box. I hope that the other readers of your wounderful magazine find in this small projekt a suggestion. Best regards Agnes Duennhaupt

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