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Embroidered Pansies

Diana Lampe

ISBN 189680801-2

Published by Written on Stone


Diana Lampe's new book, like her previous books, is dedicated to depicting flowers with needle and thread. The thing that sets this book apart from her others is that it is dedicated to Pansies.

The book illustrates examples of pansies interpreted in stitches in just about every color combination imaginableóno less than 90 of them. Each pansy is pictured in color and is an accurate interpretation of one Ms. Lampe gathered from a garden. Basic instructions including a materials list and working sketches are provided. There is also a chapter on how to stitch a pansy using different threads, among them stranded cotton and wool. Each of the 90 Pansies has its own page of directions with detailed stitching instructions and a thread conversion chart with color selections for four different thread types. Pictures of real pansies are also scattered throughout the book making it a feast for the eyes.

The Pansy was cultivated from another flower called Heartsease. Also included in the book are Heartsease pictures and stitching instructions in 4 colorways. Other chapters in the book include Pansy Projects which presents a number of projects using the stitched pansies with directions, Crocheted Pansies, with projects as well as basic Embroidery stitches and design templates.

Available from Country Bumpkin

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