Kimono Wall Hanging
made from Men's Ties

Cherie Thompson 2006

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Kimono Wall Hanging made of men's ties

The wall hanging was made to resemble a kimono from the back. Made in a similar size to a real robe, it even has a small padded collar. Constructed entirely from men's ties, the idea for this beautiful wall hanging is taken from a book by Janet Haigh, Japanese Inspirations.

Blocks ~ 16 striped blocks finished size 30cms (12in).
Collar ~ 2 right angled triangles.

Construction ~ Cut your choice of fabric into 6cm (2 3/8 in) wide strips. This will give a 1cm (0.39 inch) seam allowance. Cut 16 muslin (or fabric of your choice) blocks. My preference was pre-washed muslin. I then placed the blocks on the floor in the design and laid out the strips of fabric in the colour scheme I preferred. By using ties I got the ultimate use of each one. Fabrics were repeated where the smaller pieces were required.

When your 16 squares are completed, arrange the blocks into the kimono shape and join together.

Cut two small triangles for the collar and stitch them together at the center back. Cut a piece of batting and backing the same size and shape. Sandwich the CQ and backing, right sides facing with the batting on top, then stitch around the outer edge leaving an opening for turning. Turn and stitch in place matching the seams on the kimono.

For the backing of the kimono, my preference was to cut a piece of fabric the same size as the kimono, adding a 1cm seam allowance. I attached this to the kimono, leaving an opening at the collar where I turned the kimono right side out and finely hand stitched the opening at the collar.

There were no directions in the book for the dowel hanging. My choice was to unpick a small section at the top end of the kimono, hand sew the seams so they would not fray and slide a dowel through for hanging.

Made as a Christmas gift for my daughter this gorgeous wall hanging is now regarded as an heirloom.

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