Crazy Quilted Caddy

Kimber Pekora 2006

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For several months I have been staring at some empty Crystal Light containers thinking how neat it would be to Crazy Quilt them. Finally, I set aside some time and got busy stitching. I think these would make wonderful gifts, they could be themed for the recipient. One could be made with fabrics of apple motifs and ABC's for teacher gifts, or hearts for Valentines Day. Bunnies and chicks would be perfect for Easter and Santa and Rudolph could adorn one for Christmas. How about a Harley Davidson container for the biker in your life, or one to show off a favorite sport team? The possibilities are endless. Here is my first one, I think a bouquet of some peach and yellow carnations or roses with some baby's breath would top it off perfectly (hint hint to the hubby).


First I started with a piece of muslin that was 6 1/2" high and 9 1/2" wide. I chose the fabrics and the transfer picture that I wanted to use. Then I measured the center of the muslin and that is where I placed the transfer picture. I then Crazy Quilted the *block*. 
I chose embellishments that would compliment my transfer picture and the fabrics I used. I embellished the entire block getting close to the top and bottom, keeping in mind that I would use a trim to cover the raw edges when I adhered the block to the container. Leave a good 1/2" along the sides unembellished , when you adhere it to the container you need a little room to turn the edge under and over lap the other edge. 

When I was satisfied with my embellishments I trimmed the edges a bit at the top and bottom, and then I applied a small amount of E6000 Clear craft adhesive to the back of my block . The, carefully so as not to get any adhesive on the front of the block, I placed the block on the container. You may need to stretch it in spots to get it to fit properly. When I wrapped it around the container I folded about a 1/4" of a side seam under and applied a little more E6000 to this edge and adhered it over top of the other edge already on the container. This gives it a nice finished edge. You could at this time place a nice trim or lace over this edge but I thought mine looked just fine as it was. I then found a beautiful piece of crocheted pansy trim someone gave me and using the E6000 I placed it along the top edge of the container. I used a smaller ribbon and adhered it to the bottom. Now it is all ready to enjoy!



  • E6000 has quite a odor so if you are sensitive to strong chemicals I think any good craft glue would work fine!
  • Don't throw away the plastic cups that the Crystal Light comes in. They make perfect bead cups! I use them all the time to hold my beads while I work on a project.
  • Think of all the great containers out there that you could crazy quilt. Its a great way to recycle!

Have fun!

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