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Barbara Blankenship 2006

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Representing CQMagOnline at the Houston International Quilt Market is always such fun. This year, Gwen Frazier and I were met by fellow staff member, Stephanie Novatski. We filled six fabulous days with shopping, show and tell, and learning new things to share with all of you.

Friday was one of our favorite days at market. From 10:00 am until 6:00 pm we had the opportunity to attend 15 to 30 minute classes. Each session offered a selection of 15 20 classes with a total of more than 250 for the entire day. Each session was held in individual classrooms so we also had the opportunity to get plenty of exercise. The George R. Brown Convention Center in Houston covers approximately two city blocks and offers a wonderful setting for the Quilt Market and Festival.

In addition to the classes mentioned above, we also attended three morning classes. In the upcoming issues we will share examples of our class projects along with instructions and vendor websites. Diane Ricks, with Hanah ribbons, always has a wonderful class (you will remember her silk velvet butterflies from last year) This year we made a beautiful silk ribbon evening bag. Diane has graciously agreed to write an article in this issue with directions for this evening bag. Pictured here in the Hanah booth is Jan Raymond, Diane Ricks (center) and Brooke Easley-Long. Brooke is the owner and artist for Hanah Hand-Dyed Silk Ribbons.

Throughout the year CQMagOnline will feature other articles written by various artists we met. Gwen, Stephanie and I will also be writing on various techniques that appealed to us. Hopefully you will find tips, techniques and resources that you can incorporate into your art of crazy quilting.

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