A Box For Carolyn

Nancy Combs 2005

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Finished Box top

Carolyn is much like me. She likes containers into which she can put things. I chose a five inch square Sudberry Box with an opening in the top to make for her Christmas gift this year. She can fill it up with every ladies dream of gems, jewels and precious metals.

Supplies  lace 

I chose an Ice Blue dupioni silk as my base fabric and basted it onto muslin. Pat Winter hand-dyed a butterfly motif for me that matched the dupioni perfectly. She also dyed the lace. I cut two pieces of the lace to fit the Dupioni, trimmed one edge of the lace to butt up against the edge of the first piece and basted it to the base fabric using Soie Cristale, color number 1047 by Caron.

I also used the Soie Cristale floss to tack the Butterfly motif to the lace. Swarovski Crystals, and glass pearls were used to add some punch to the Butterfly. A yellow YLI 7mm silk ribbon was used to make the rolled roses, the leaves are Petals, Mint Julep. Beads used for embellishing the lace are Mill Hill 02011 and, 18829.

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