Random Thoughts on a Marriage: A Discussion of a Crazy Quilt Wall Hanging

Jenny Clark © 2006

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Finished quilt.

Random Thoughts on a Marriage was designed to celebrate my marriage and to show the influence that Crescent Lake in Florida had on both of us. We had a house on the lake and every day we watched the birds, saw the fish and crabs, and even watched manatees float by on occasion. The colors and themes were selected based on the natural surroundings and the flora and fauna of that area of Florida.


The blocks in order (left to right and top to bottom) feature the following: One of the first blocks shows a blue heron walking in the shallows of a lake which was a daily occurrence at our home on Lake Crescent. The second block features a picture of the sun rising over the lake which I had taken from our front yard. I added in the saying, “Grow old along with me, the best is yet to be.” The third block on the top row features both an osprey which has caught a fish and the cypress tree he nested in that was in our front yard. Fortunately crazy quilting allows us to add features to a block without worrying about the perspective and size of the items.


On the second row, the first block is a salute to my husband's home state of Texas including his birth date and a charm of the state. The middle block in this row shows a sampler that tells our wedding date surrounded by various flowers. The third block contains a variety of Florida wildlife and sea grasses.


In the third row, the first block contains a large mouth bass to salute Florida. The second block features a dragonfly and a spider's web as well as a blue bird resting on a stem. The third block focuses on a beetle on a leaf and the saying “And we shall go through all our days with love remembered and love renewed.” There are dogwood flowers and a variety of other flowers included in this block.

The wall hanging measures 45” x 45” and contains 9 blocks put together with 3 blocks in 3 rows. It's pieced with strips between the blocks and a border around the quilt. Then on the whole top, flowers were worked into the borders and strips that join the blocks together. The entire wall hanging was backed with matching dupioni silk and it was sewn together in the manner of stitching a pillowcase and then turning it right side out and hand stitching the small opening that had been left for turning the quilt right side out.

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