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Jane Weir 2006

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Jane Weir is a mixed media artist, instructor, and designer. She lives with her husband Gordon, two dogs, two cats, two mini horses, and Hector the Pot Bellied Pig! It is not an unusual sight to see them all hanging out together in her Vancouver, Washington studio! 

Former owner and operator of her own quilt shop, Jane retired to stay at home and design some new quilts. One thing lead to another and she began a new business, "Hotflash Designs, and More, designing quilts, greeting cards, and currently fiber stamps to use along with Angelina Hot Fix Fibers!

While attending the Quilt market in Kansas City, Jane was introduced to Angelina Hot Fix Fibers. She was handed a bag of Angelina and was challenged to "Figure out what to do with this stuff"! If you knew Jane you would have had to laugh! Boy, does she love a challenge! She did everything but cook it!........ No wait, she even put it in the microwave!

Once she had a "feel" for Angelina, she went to work. She started by blending the different colors and using them for a sunset in a quilt wall hanging. Even thought it was beautiful, it just didn't give her the radiance she desired. Angles were what she was looking for, so that light could reflect! Shortly after that, Jane designed a line of what she refers to as "Fiber Stamps". Her stamps are not limited to working with Angelina, but lend them selves well to many different fibers, including molding clay. At this time her stamp line includes many different dimensional flowers, butterflies, and dragonflies, with lots more on the board to come!

Jane's work recently got the interest of a well known art/mixed media magazine, "Cloth, Paper, Scissors", in which her stamps were prominently featured giving her business international exposure. This exposure has been a real blessing to her and has dramatically increased her business. If you have any questions or comments for her, she is anxious to hear from you!

Butterfly  Pansy 
Dragonfly and small flower  Hydrangea 

Flash Dots Ideas for small motifs and embellishments to use on your CQ projects made of Angelina fiber and the stamps.

Angelina is a polyester fiber that is wonderfully iridescent and comes in many spectacular colors. When light is introduced along with texture, it gives a spectacular effect! It is fabulous on quilts, journals, cards, scrap books, and many other projects!

Make small hydrangeas, Pansies, butterflies, leaves, etc. (using Angelina Fiber and the stamps), sew them to a wonderful soft silk satin ribbon about every 2" or more apart or use them alone as seam treatments. Now get some beads, rhinestones,etc., and sew or glue them in the center of each flower and on the wings of the butterfly! Rhinestones are fabulous!

I found some 2 1/2" ribbon, that is like a tube (silk) in creamy white, and I placed the hydrangeas inside. Then stitched the flowers in place with a tiny stitch from the back. Then I put a rhinestones on the top of the ribbon, centering it in the middle of the flower. The flowers are in white, the ribbon is in white, and then the rhinestone in on top of the ribbon. Cascade the ribbon on your CQ project.... wonderful!

Try casual ribbons like plaids and use brads and scrapbook goodies. Let your imagine go wild! Remember this is the age of mixed mediums! We can use ideas from handmade cards, scrapbooking, quilting, journaling, and everyone else to decorate our Crazy Quilt projects.

When making a book of CQ blocks for someone special add these Flash Dots to a ribbon used as a bookmark. How many more ways can you think of to use these Flash Dots?

For more information you can contact Jane at: Hotflash Designs and More

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