Church Crazy Quilt

Gwen Frazier 2006

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A year ago I was approached by the Bazaar chairman in our church about the possibility of teaching a group how to crazy quilt so they could make a quilt to raffle for our annual bazaar. I was really excited about this as it is always fun to hook new people into our obsession!! I taught several classes to an eager group of women who had NEVER ever done a stitch of crazy quilting before! Most knew how to sew or embroider and some were avid sane quilters!

We had one class on how to piece the blocks. Susan Pinion, a devout sane quilter, volunteered to make ALL of the blocks for our quilt as she was sure she did not want any part of the embellishing!! This worked out well as I was able to help her choose a color scheme and it was wonderful to have perfect precision made blocks to hand out to the participants to embellish! Being a sane quilter she enjoyed using some of the patterns I had drafted for a personal CQ these were just like paper piecing for her so she was ecstatic to make all of them!

We solicited donations of fancy fabrics from the congregation and asked them to bring old doilies, buttons and lace to be used. A retired doctor donated all of his beautiful silk ties. Another man gave us boxes of his Grandmother's sewing supplies that he had inherited. One woman used an old watch and an old bracelet on her blocks they really came up with some inventive ways to use all of these donations.

The next class was silk ribbon embroidery and how to dye ribbons. The women amazed me at how quickly they picked it all up! I shared books, pictures, websites and actual pieces for them to use for inspiration and the blocks they made were beyond my wildest dreams! When they started bringing the completed blocks to church we displayed them for the church members to see our progress. I was proud of them I felt like a mother hen!


When all the blocks were made we gathered to decide on a black velvet to use as a border and a backing. This color made it all look so elegant. When we finished we had the quilt appraised by a certified quilt appraiser and the written appraisal came in at $1850.00!! I was so delighted and proud of our group effort! We sold raffle tickets for 4 months at a dollar each and we raised $1500.00!! This was all clear profit as everything was donated for the quilt and we tied it with 1/8 black silk ribbon.

On December 11 the winner was drawn and even though I wanted it to be me I was pleased when one of my good friends in my hand bell choir in our church was the winner Margaret Kloppers. She has promised me I can come and visit it any time I want to!

I would challenge you to gather a group and teach them CQ it is so rewarding and it was wonderful to share my hobby with others! We are now planning our new quilt for next year and since we enjoyed the embroidery so much we are planning an embroidered flower basket quilt!

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