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Silk Ribbon Embroidery Bible
The Essential Illustrated Reference
to Designs and Techniques

By Joan Gordon

ISBN: 0-89689-169-0

The book is small enough to carry with you at 6.5" X 8" and less than 2" thick. Inside the hard cover you will find a wire spiral binding allowing the thick pages to remain flat when opened. This makes an ideal carry along with your project for quick and easy reference.

There are colored pictures and diagrams on almost every one of the 133 pages. I particularly like the diagram showing the pattern, key to stitches used and order of work on one page with a picture of the finished work as well as the list of materials needed, to complete the project, on the facing page. Diagrams and patterns are drawn in color making them easy to follow.

This 'Bible' includes an introduction by the author followed by a section on how to use the book itself. The chapter on Equipment and Techniques has a great deal of information on the supplies you will use, ways to transfer your patterns, dye your ribbons, how to mount, frame and care for your finished work.

There is an illustrated stitch collection showing the stitch, the method as well as examples of how to use the stitch. This is followed by the Motif Library a section of patterns shown on facing pages so everything is right in front of you to complete the piece.

Even the sections have been color coded making it simple to find what you are looking for in seconds. This is detailed enough for the beginning stitcher but there is enough information included that an experienced stitcher will find it an essential reference for anyone working with silk ribbon embroidery.

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